How detailed is the topic of religion and philosophy in your life?

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  1. BakerRambles profile image76
    BakerRamblesposted 10 years ago

    How detailed is the topic of religion and philosophy in your life?

  2. Agantum profile image60
    Agantumposted 10 years ago

    One day my belly was full and I wasn't being chased by a large predator and feeling relaxed for a moment I lay out on this flat outcrop of rock and began to give some thought to how I came to exist.  Nobody else had given this any thought yet, so I was ploughing some fertile ground.  I thought some great omnipotent deity must have created everything, so I called this g.o.d. for short.

      I had some extra food at that time and it would have gone off before too long so I decided to honor my g.o.d. and layed it out on my rocky outcrop, it was another layered topologicolly even rock so I called it a.l.t.e.r. for short.  I was convinced in following days, that I was able to feed myself with less effort and I put this down to offering a sacrifice to my g.o.d. on his a.l.t.e.r.

      When I told my friends and family about my success, they wanted to hear more and soon I did not have time to go out and hunt any more.  Of course they would bring me presents of food and I did not have to, so this worked out fine.  In the course of time, I wrote my story down, making it a bit more interesting as I retold it over time.

  3. CMCastro profile image74
    CMCastroposted 10 years ago

    I do not like to put God, our Almighty Creator in the catagory of Religion. Religion is a way of practice based on man's decision. Religion is also a habitual routine that people use to express their practical way of getting through life. God is a Being, and His Way is all powerful and all knowing and all being. I will always know that I choose God in my life because it is the true reason I exist, knowing that all the factors that get us here and in life itself is because He is the great I AM. As for Philosophy, to me it is the way I express how I personalize my relationship with God, my Creator, and gives reason why I live the way I do. I may not ever be perfect. I admit I make mistakes, but I stand true to my beliefs. If I have ever changed my mind it was due to maturity in knowing or maybe I was truly being distracted by my own ignorance.

  4. lburmaster profile image75
    lburmasterposted 10 years ago

    Pretty detailed. My family is highly religious yet I do not agree with some of their beliefs. But philosophy and psychology are my passions.

  5. alancaster149 profile image82
    alancaster149posted 10 years ago

    My philosophy is basically: 'Onward and, maybe - hopefully - upward'. I keep going in the hope something good turns up. Sometimes I find going to bed harder than getting up, the writing just gets hold of me. Then I make a deliberate halt and play Solitaire for a little while before climbing the wooden hill to Bedfordshire. Tomorrow is another day.
    As far as religion goes, I can't say I'd let my beliefs get in the way of opportunity. Not that I'd do something stupid for gain... Or anti-social.

  6. SidKemp profile image79
    SidKempposted 10 years ago

    In my case, very. My core spiritual practice, Zen, is wordless, but very precise. My physical practices: dance, martial arts, qi gong, and yoga are also philosophical and religious, and very precise. And, in the realm of words, I study many religions and philosophies and integrate them through the philosophical framework called General Systems Theory.

    I need to go to the beach and just swim more often!


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