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Is not going for Worship on an alloted day Sabath is it a sin? I would love 2 be

  1. Rina Pinto profile image60
    Rina Pintoposted 6 years ago

    Is not going for Worship on an alloted day Sabath is it a sin? I would love 2 be encouraged.Thank U

    But before you could anser,let me tell you that there is a problem in my knee although I believe that Super Naural healing had taken place 2000years ago when Jesus our Savior nailed all our sickenss on the cross. Indeed Hallelujah & Amen! I do believe but since I felt the fear of pain in my knee to climb the stairs as I feel so fatigue. I do confess the Word of God and infact I was just asking the Lord as to why was He not ansering my prayer. He revealed to me in from Isiah 42:22 . can you please help me?

  2. drpastorcarlotta profile image78
    drpastorcarlottaposted 6 years ago

    Hello Rina and blessings!  Not going to church is not a sin. However, Scripture does tell us not to forsake the assembling of coming together because we can encourage each other spiritually and grow in knowledge as inspired from the pulpit and interaction with other believers.  We need this to grow and be accountable.  As a Pastor and a woman of God, I encourage all to follow the lead of God the Holy Spirit in seeking the fellowship where they feel spiritually safe and encouraged to grow in grace and knowledge. … e-question

    1. Rina Pinto profile image60
      Rina Pintoposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Hello Pastor, thanks for the Blessings and Bless you too O woman of God! Indeed so true, we do grow when we do assemble the meed on the Holy Day God alloted.But living in this guilt is a sin also. So how do we get out of this feeling of guilt?

  3. tajman profile image72
    tajmanposted 6 years ago

    Hi Rina, I see you have a heart for obedience and God honors those whose heart longs after Him. It seems as though it's a physical struggle to get to a worship service and it's quite understandable if it's difficult to get there.  I'm not sure what your sanctuary is like or how far it is from home but ask God to provide the way for you to get to His house to have fellowship with the saints so you can be fed and also encouraged as well as be an encouragement to others.  If you can, seek assistance from Godly brothers and sisters in the Lord.  He didn't bring you this far to leave you alone.

    I know serving God is not easy at times.  I myself suffered from two bad hips at a very young age and it was very painful doing anything, even sitting or lying down but I couldn't stay away from God's house because I knew that's where I should be.  My pain go so bad at times that I was bed-ridden with atrophied and weakened legs.  Once I got better, though, no one could keep me from God's house. Don't let the devil take away the blessings you have in store and the opportunity to bless someone when you go to His sanctuary.

    1. Rina Pinto profile image60
      Rina Pintoposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Thank you brother tajman, Blessings to you as well and am thankful for encouraging me. Even now i m feeling that i should have some how made it for Worship. Really Thankful to God who is faithful even after i have not gone to His Sanctuary and yet ..

  4. celafoe profile image59
    celafoeposted 5 years ago

    there is no requirement to go to what today is called a church.   we are admonished to " not forsake the gathering together"   the new testament church was 2 or more people meeting in homes and the home churches today are much more personal and effective.    So just call a couple of your Christian friends and have a prayer/worship/ bible study together.     You might  even find this will be more along what you you are needing for fellowship.  and it can be any day, everyday  or any combination that works for all involved.   some of our home groups meet different times and days so it is possible to be part of more than one.   If the people are filled with the Holy Spirit you can do chapter and verse bible studies and enjoy the scriptures.
    DO NOT let the churchy people put a false guilt trip on you.
    a building called a church is not God,s house!   you are God,s house, scripture says He lives in US not a building, this is the new testament not the old where He was stuck in a little room behind a veil.  The veil  has been destroyed and  God is out and you can meet God ANYWHERE.