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Is heaven perfect?

  1. SkySlave profile image83
    SkySlaveposted 5 years ago

    Is heaven perfect?

    Your meaning to tell me that someone you cannot detect with any of the five senses thought you to believe in him  through a series of people  that were alive thousands of years ago? Then your expected to believe that heaven is something so unpredictable that the human mind can't comprehend it. I have a hard time seeing the logic in this.Things that are worthwhile are only that because of the things that aren't. Their isn't an up without a down, a left without a right, a God without a Satan. If their is a heaven I think its something like earth. I believe in  balance.

  2. Cristale profile image83
    Cristaleposted 5 years ago

    Most people believe heaven to be perfect, with no tears or pain. Every one is happy there and only good exists. Heaven is what you make it, so it could be like earth or it could be like a really good concert. It is what you make it!

  3. onegoodwoman profile image76
    onegoodwomanposted 5 years ago

    I am not " meaning" to tell you a single thing...............'

    God tells us all..................some are better students, listeners and examples.

    Personally, I have a lot to learn, and I open myself to the learning and growing.

    Your, purposeful, beligerent attack, does not endure you to me...........

    Go and be as you are.

  4. edhan profile image60
    edhanposted 5 years ago

    Perfection is in our hearts.

    I believe in Yin & Yang like Feng Shui.

    There is good and bad in all places. Whether it is perfect or not, it is in our hearts. It is the process of learning in life to understand what we become.

    In our own world, it is perfect.

  5. dghbrh profile image76
    dghbrhposted 5 years ago

    Without bad there is no value of good. Without Night there is no value of Day. Without death there is no meaning of life. The thought of a perfection is the different in every individual mind. Perfection itself is a relative term. A perfect heaven is the ultimate relativity for the world to aspire to grow more for a better balance.

  6. profile image50
    iamjohngaltposted 5 years ago

    Heaven is the life you create on earth. This existence may very well be all that there is. You can create your own personal paradise, or be doomed to live out hell every day of the rest of your life.

    The choice is yours.

  7. backporchstories profile image80
    backporchstoriesposted 5 years ago

    Heaven is certainly a mind induced image drawn for us through the ages.  If you believe in the Bible completely, then yes this Heaven is perfect and more than man can imagine.  However, I agree with you that Heaven is the beauty here on earth that God created and maybe it is same in Heaven but only pure perfection! After all, it always did bother me that the Bible says the Kingdom is lined in sapphire, gold and silver and yet we should not desire those riches!   I like to think that we are living Heaven now and it is what we make of it.  But death presents us another door to another spiritual plane and another opportunity to be an active tool for the Creator.  With our belief in Him, we are promised eternal life.  Maybe, just maybe that eternal life is spiritual and we move from world to world, through one creation after another.