Will God allow Israel to be driven into the sea?

  1. jamesrk profile image35
    jamesrkposted 5 years ago

    Will God allow Israel to be driven into the sea?

    Some nations want the Nation of Israel destroyed and driven into the sea. Will God stand by and allow it?

  2. lone77star profile image82
    lone77starposted 5 years ago

    Definitely not. A lot of hurt is coming their way, but ultimately Jerusalem will be the seat of the Kingdom on Earth.

    The End Times have been under preparation for at least 200 years, ever since the Rothschilds started their plan for global takeover -- financing both sides of nearly every war, and starting central banks in nearly every country (now almost complete).

    The Rothschild instigated formation of Israel's rebirth moved things toward fruition. And it seems that Albert Pike and the Illuminati crowd, financed by the Rothschilds, planned the 3 world wars back in 1871 -- to destroy Czarist Russia, create sympathy of the Jews so Israel could be reborn, and pit Jews against Muslims in the final showdown.

    We've already had some of Revelation become manifest in the fall of the Great Star named Chernobyl ("wormwood" in Ukrainian) from which 1/3 of the world suffered the pestilence of radiation. And the Rockefeller (& Rothschild) plan for everyone to become embedded with RFID microchips is prepared and ready for implementation (Revelation 13's "mark of the beast"), including having James Bond in the latest 007 movie being given the mark.

    Anyone who has read Revelation, knows that the story has a happy ending, but only for those who prepare themselves spiritually. That includes emptying your cup of all preconceived ideas about the Bible, life and God, and then asking God to fill your cup with truth.