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What do you believe is the worst crime or sin for a person to commit and why?

  1. LAURENS WRIGHT profile image50
    LAURENS WRIGHTposted 5 years ago

    What do you believe is the worst crime or sin for a person to commit and why?

    There are so many crimes and sins against humanity, government, God and mankind but what do you think would be the most evil crime or sin for a person to commit.  Why ?  Do you think that those in charge (Elite)  can do the same crime or sin and not be held to the same standards?  Do you think that circumstances might be a factor and therefore not as evil a crime or sin ?

  2. Renee Abbott profile image85
    Renee Abbottposted 5 years ago

    The worst crimes in my opinion are towards children.
    What does being elite have anything to do with the worst crime? I also think prejudice is a crime, and that covers all groups, including the elite.

  3. Rev. Akins profile image77
    Rev. Akinsposted 5 years ago

    I would agree that any crimes (especially involving sex) against children would be the worst in my book. Especially when the person convinces the child they either 1)deserve it for some reason or 2) that the child's parents will be hurt if anything is told.
    As to sinning- there is no difference to me as to what sin is worse than any other. A sin is turning away from God, and it is not little or big, it simply IS. There is no little sin, like a white lie. People like to think they only did sinned a little bit so they can point their fingers at someone they think is sinning far greater than they are. Sinning is sinning, no other category is needed.

  4. profile image52
    Msquitta251posted 5 years ago

    I believe the worst crimes and sins anybody could commit is stealing ,killing,and disobeying  older peoples and your parent.why I think that the worst sins bc the bible say thy should not kill are steal and it also disobeying child will not be bless .thats what I think the worst crimes and sins is

  5. Marcus D Mays profile image60
    Marcus D Maysposted 5 years ago

    No brainer, the worst will have to be denying GOD the FATHER!
    Why because HE said HE can kill the body as well as the soul!