Can we have faith blindly?.

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  1. profile image59
    ctnahdaposted 5 years ago

    Can we have faith blindly?.

  2. WalterPoon profile image78
    WalterPoonposted 5 years ago

    Faith is blind, so how can you have it any other way? The dictionary defines it as "complete trust or confidence in someone or something." If you start questioning, then it means you don't have "COMPLETE trust or confidence". The more you ask, the weaker your faith. Mathematically, you can state it as.... never mind, LOL.

    1. profile image59
      ctnahdaposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Well, seems that you've wrong perception about me.Faith is not blind.Faith is something that you gain through knowledge, experiences, observations, rational and logic,Q&A sessions,if you said faith is blind,then you will be misgui

  3. Lady Guinevere profile image60
    Lady Guinevereposted 5 years ago

    I wrote a hub about all this and you can read it here: … -YOUR-SELF

  4. profile image0
    JThomp42posted 5 years ago

    Of course, faith is blind. It is believing in something that cannot be touched physically. Although God cannot be seen or touched, my faith tells me without a doubt that he is with me always.

  5. SidKemp profile image91
    SidKempposted 5 years ago

    I take a different position than many of the answers written here. Faith can be blind. That is one type of faith. When one has blind faith in the good, say in God, that can be a useful stage in spiritual growth. But it is not permanent. Blind faith is faith that we maintain when we do not see at all. As we come to understand, our faith is strengthened by glimpses of God; we "see through a glass, darkly," as St. Paul put it, and ultimately, blind faith is replaced by knowing God when we see him face to face.

    Blind faith can be very dangerous, especially if it is faith in something other than God, or if we forget that God is love and wants us to be harmless to all His children and creation. Blind faith in another person can be betrayed. Blind faith in an idea or an ideal can turn us astray into violence. This is the basis of fundamentalism and terrorism.

    But there is another kind of faith altogether. It is not blind, but reasonable. We have our understanding of what we can see. And if we also have just enough trust and courage to take one more step, then we step forward into the unknown, and grow and learn. This kind of faith, faith based on knowledge, plus trust and courage regarding what we don't know, is an excellent path to Love, Wisdom, and the Divine in any religious tradition.

  6. tsmog profile image82
    tsmogposted 5 years ago

    Hello ctnahda. Sharing a tad. This day I declare a holiday. That said, jovial is the theme. Faith is a woman or a child, since their is neither an oar or a nor. Either way blind is a specific for that woman or child without sight, yet possesses of 'self' four more of power much grander. I was once told Faith knows Joy, yet not related by relationship, more, well just friends.

    Joy, a little bit younger than Faith, yet just as much of beauty, while both are buds with Grace. Being a neighbor of the neighborhood they play at, well, I ponder? If Faith is blind, then does Grace and Joy offer more as being a friend of Faith.

    I heard once when they played, although of the female gender as their names foretell, they thought they were the Three Musketeers. I cry of all, though one blind, echoed like it were a Greek tale, I did hear, as they shouted, One for all, and all for one.

    I giggled remembering there is a fourth of less experience, one may say closer to a babe, yet really much older and wise too. Her name is Phyllis of about nine years of age. So those four - Faith, who is blind, Joy a friend, Grace offering help for her friend without sight, and of course, Phyllis. 

    Well, ctnahda, that is about all I know of Faith, yet I ponder who is blind, as I reflect on a dude named Horton.


  7. ChristinS profile image94
    ChristinSposted 5 years ago

    Many people do and often at the expense of intelligent reasoning.  "blind faith" can get people to say, do and believe some pretty ridiculous things.  I am all for a blend of faith matched equally by questioning, logic, and reason.  Blind faith is dangerous, tempered faith can be a good thing.

    1. peeples profile image93
      peeplesposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      +1, no point in me answering. This said it exactly like I was thinking it.


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