What are 10 positive characteristics of the Capricorn woman?

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    gmwilliamsposted 4 years ago

    What are 10 positive characteristics of the Capricorn woman?


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    jabelufirozposted 4 years ago

    Yes, negative sometimes, try their best to work hard, worries a lot, lack of self confidence, hates it when other people think bad stuff about them or their family. As a Capricorn girl they want a great best friend, makes friends one at a time, they are sometimes shy,they want to be respected, just like a goat they have high goals of becoming a good example for others.Even though they hate bad thoughts thought towards them and even if they lack self confidence, but because of their urge to be respected and to protect their social status, they can hold in a lot of their feelings. A lot of people do not understand the way they think and all they do is judge Cappys from the outside and think that they can handle anything, but this pressure also gives them even more self conscious pressure and sometimes they break down but to themselves, but as soon as this injury is over they get back up again to show how strong they are(independent). The people that hurt these female Capricorns will always hold an important memory in their heart, they will sometimes forgive but never forget. To tell the truth most female Capricorn's secret dream is to show all those people that have hurt and pressured them what they can do, they try to become successful or impress them, because they want to impress(ambitious) , they are usually acknowledged.As a Capricorn female, i have a true self that i have never expressed in front of most of my friends, the closest people i trust are the only ones that has ever seen my true self and understand me.