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Are you afraid of God?

  1. Christa Swope profile image34
    Christa Swopeposted 4 years ago

    Are you afraid of God?

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    dashingscorpioposted 4 years ago


  3. Edward J. Palumbo profile image84
    Edward J. Palumboposted 3 years ago

    No, but I deeply respect His power and wisdom. I avoid offending Him.

  4. lone77star profile image85
    lone77starposted 3 years ago

    Our human languages are so imperfect. What could "fear" mean?

    Fear as in terror? No.

    Fear as in awe, respect and obedience? Yes.

    God as the power to turn out all the lights -- from here to the edge of the universe. Not only all of the suns and their planets, but the space and time which harbor them.

    More than that, God can erase my spirit -- my true self. This is the kind of fear that one might feel standing at the edge of a cliff several million miles tall. And millions of miles is a long way to fall.

    Rod Martin, Jr.
    author of
    "The Bible's Hidden Wisdom: God's Reason for Noah's Flood"