The Question most asked

  1. Rhonda Elisha profile image60
    Rhonda Elishaposted 7 years ago

    An illustrated question most asked of God?

    God says: You have disobeyed me and I have forgiven you and pardoned your sins but you will be punished! Afterwards, I will punish those whom persecuted you.

    The Question: Why does God punish those whom tormented me, if it was his will for it to happen?

    The Holy Spirit Answer: The simple truth, it was in their (the enemy) hearts already against you. In man's  standing with God; The Lord promises to protect you from your enemies. Man cannot read the heart of another man but the Lord see those among you with hatred against you. The Lord, he knows (your enemies) their thoughts and intentions against you. In God's mercy, through your faith and obedience, he guards and protects you from this evil; but if the Lord chooses, through punishment, from the continuous acts of disobedience and treachery against his will. The Lord, he than hands you over to your enemies. God's protection is removed and the enemy advances against you in rage of havoc. Thus, by handing you over for punishment to those your enemies; Brings you to remembrance of your wrongful behavior. After your repentance and punishment, God then goes against the enemy, for, God knew of what he desired against you long before. This sometimes bring the deliverance of another, for, from their punishment, they too may seek out God for recovery and in-turn, be won over to the path's specified by God, thus, becoming one to also belong (or) return to him; Becoming one with you! This is why man is not to hate another for harming them.

    Although, throughout many episodes of events, it may be the Lord's will to render against a man (punishment); therefore, the events of treachery of one man against another being allowed by God (that being pronounced by God). The Lord's will!  But if through the chastisement man becomes embittered and angry from the events, through this man embittered and angry behavior is unknowingly coming up against God, in-turn, furthering the Lord's  wrath against himself. (Or) One may be going through a God allowed trial, if that man becomes angry, bitter and resentful, he is not allowing God to strengthen him. Therefore, (the Lord and the Holy Spirit not being allowed to have their way with him). He is a man resisting! Every man in his own reasoning knows the difference between his being (Chastised ) or (trial induced). If walking united with the Lord and his Holy Spirit, he is made aware. This is why man in conflict must consult God, pray and (be still)!

    If being tormented by an enemy: Pray for him. Ask God to bless him! God is your defender, he will judge them and in-turn, they may become like you; united with God, being your brother.

    If being tested through trial: Pray without ceasing, The Lord is aware and (The Holy Spirit is (literally) standing beside you) be strong, remembering God's power to save. The Lord will not abandon! The trials do not last long, and yes, they are hurtful but in the end one gains great blessings: God's peace, strength, wisdom, understanding and the ability to endure. This being worth more than all the treasures in the world!

  2. paradigmsearch profile image89
    paradigmsearchposted 7 years ago

    Oh, give it a rest...

    1. Jesus was a hippy profile image60
      Jesus was a hippyposted 7 years agoin reply to this



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