Message of Smile & Happiness

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    holyvisonposted 9 years ago

    As you know ,in my writings I offer stress on Power of Prayer -Meditation & Holistic made in our LIFE-LINE .Our Life is God given gift ,& when Global environment is already polluted environmentally & perverted .Human Mind & Body only Divinity within us will come to our Rescue .
    I immensely value your kind co-operation as Readers & Viewers of my writings ,& what ever I have learnt from my Guru (Teacher) ,I wish to pass to you so that we may receive a Happy Vibratory surrounding & a Smile on our Face .
    In this line,I wish to the touch of Divine Grace & the intimacy of man with God,shine glowingly in the life of Brother Lawrence the humble Christian devotee of the seventeenth century,& in his conversation & letters ''I engaged in a Religions life only  for the love of God ,& I have endeavoured to act only for him ,Whatever becomes of me whether I  be lost or saved ,I will always continue to act purely for the Love of God''.
    Our Life is outer Journey to be Guided by the Grace of God or our Divine Guru where we can receive the Light of Love-Truth -Duty & Peace which may helps our Inner Journey with Smiles & Happiness for which I wish to quote the ''Gita''.''Raise yourself by yourself ,do'nt let yourself down ,for you are your own friend,you are your own enemy.
    We should therefore ,all the time endeavour that we should remain in proximity with the Lord s' grace.
    In this light the version of the Bible is as clear as day light ''For who so ever hath ,to him shall be given ,& he shall have more abundance,but who so ever hath ,to him shall be taken away even that he hath''.

    Our basic end of Smile & Happiness would remain with us as Sri Sathya Sai baba ,in a very smiling mood in the definition of ''Watch '' for which we consider merely the measurement of time & to glorify the same as if an ornament on our Hand.

    Please think over the Word

    A - ACTION
    H-  HEART
    WATCH OUR ACTION -THOUGHT CHARACTER  & THE HEART -We can make our inner Journey safe with Smile & Happiness.