How are the true Christians.?

  1. spellbinderdk profile image60
    spellbinderdkposted 5 years ago

    We discus a little time ago about the Crusades and the witch hunts, of the last century....
    And one guy says that the ones killing people was not true Christian....

    But who are "the True Christians".?
    I have not hear any group that actually follow the bible, but then I do not know all the groups.

    Let us set up some rules.
    The first Your group has to follow the bible.
    That means "No priest and no public prayer."
    Read Mattheus 6:5 and Mattheus 6:6.

    Any other rules.?

  2. Jerami profile image73
    Jeramiposted 5 years ago

    What is a TRUE Christian?
    You may well have asked what is a TRUE electrician or Politician.
    Some are better than others. Can one be a true electrician and not have a certificate saying so?
    Just because you have a certificate, does that mean that you are a good electrician?

      In the first century, in order to be called a Christian, all you had to do is to SAY that you believe that Jesus was the Messiah and that he rose after three days in the grave.
    Sense then, there have been many definitions given as to what a “TRUE” Christian must be in order to maintain their certificate of authenticity.    It seems that the requirements differ from state to state and country to country.
    Is it because we have a certificate to cling to,  that brings us closer to God?
      I hope you get a better answer to your question than this one, cause I'd like to know.

  3. macrobin profile image77
    macrobinposted 5 years ago

    A 'true' Christian is a rare find these days.  A 'Christian' is supposed to be 'like Christ'.  Jesus told His disciples that they should love God first and love others MORE than themselves.  That pretty much sums it up in a nutshell.  Anything more or less than that is legalism and laws of the Pharisees.  JMHO...