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Mayweather Versus Pacquiao in Blockbuster Dream Match Next Year

Updated on October 2, 2012

Mayweather VS Pacquiao take your pick.

(Fight Update: Both Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather agreed to a 50-50 split of the fight purse which is equivalent to an astronomical amount of $50 million guaranteed purse, whoa. The windfall of cash does not stop there, as both fighters will get the lion's share of the pay-per-view which is estimated to breach the $150 million barrier. Both fighters will also receive from gate attendance and their respective sponsors). --- The two titans in boxing finally agreed to term as their fight will take on March 13, 2010. During a television interview, Manny Pacquiao the planet's pound-for-pound king finally made a decision to fight the unbeaten Mayweather, after careful planning essayed by his Top Rank, promoter, Bob Arum.
"Payag na ako sa March 13," (I accept the fight this March 13) said Pacquiao the seven-time world champion in seven weight categories. However, Pacquiao has requested Arum to fashion out a well-detailed fight contract before he signs it. The lucrative fight contract offered to the present boxing blockbuster kings was so tempting that he couldn't refuse.

Can this bout has the making of another classic fight many years from now...

That remains to be seen...
That remains to be seen...

"Hindi na tayo bumabata," (We're not getting any younger Pacquiao said. Just recently Pacquiao eked out a impressive 12th round technical knockout against WBO welterweight champion Miguel Cotto and collected thrilling victories over Marco Antonio Barrera, Erik Morales, Juan Manuel Marquez, Ricky Hatton and Oscar Dela Hoya, would be willing to fight Mayweather as soon as possible rather than wait further.
Pacquiao is seeking a congessional in his home town province Sarangani is set to train in the first week of January. Pacquiao is expected to train in his camp for 10 weeks.
The juicy fight deal with Mayweather will instantly makes Pacquiao at least $30 million richer. The much-anticipated nout is expected to demolish all existing records in boxing as well as the fight purse and pay-per-view sales. This is the fight that people from all corners of the world would love to see.
Arum said, "It will be the biggest fight - financially," and he added "But that's as far as I can go. We have an understanding (with Mayweather's camp) not to throw in anything unless it's final.
Arum is expected to meet the Mayweathers's promoter Richard Schaefer to iron-out the fight details and soon enough an announcement will come out.
This latest development is indeed boon to boxing, as fans will be treated to another exciting mega fight between two boxing gladiators. Pacquiao being widely regarded as a smart slugger and a knockout artist and Mayweather famous for its uncanny boxing skills and wits, this fight could rewrite the all-time boxing history in terms of the degree of excitement it could generate aside from the big bucks set to be earned by this two great boxing warriors.

My 24th Hub in the HubChallenge...


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    • GeneralHowitzer profile image

      Gener Geminiano 7 years ago from Land of Salt, Philippines

      thanks for the visit and commenting.

    • J@ps profile image

      J@ps 7 years ago from Southern California

      A dream match of course, such as we have never seen since the hey days of Sugar Ray Leonard, Roberto Duran, Tommy Hearns, Marvin Hagler who never backed down in facing the very best and one another.

      But we now know that the fight that was scheduled for March didn't happen and the sad reality is there is a big possiblity that this dream fight will never happen at all.

      And worst, Floyd may still add another demand even after both camps accept a compromise in his initial blood tests demands. I still can't understand why he had to DEMAND that but what can we fans do?

      Anyway, we also know that Manny have his personal reasons not to take the tests too close to the fight and does not really need to take it in the first place.

      But knowing Manny fights for the fans, we the boxing fans might need to force both Floyd to stop him from making any more demands and for Manny to just take the test so that there will be no doubt on the minds of those who are doubting his abilities.

      An online petition does say that so that we the fans can maybe force them to just do it.

      (and so that this hub can still come true and the fight may still happen this year)