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Tiger Woods Losing Sponsors and Popularity

Updated on September 4, 2014
Tiger Woods in the prowl, will he roar like what his name suggests or will the pressure turned him to a pussy cat in the Augusta Masters.
Tiger Woods in the prowl, will he roar like what his name suggests or will the pressure turned him to a pussy cat in the Augusta Masters.

Will Tiger Woods Revive His Old Ferocious Form?

Manny Pacquiao the world’s undisputed pound-for-pound king as what the boxing pundits says of him, is also dubbed as the Pacman. Well, not a very appealing and nice to hear at moniker so as to speak but rather amusing and a bit terrifying, since Manny Pacquiao just like what he does with his previous opponents, he gobbled up his adversaries in the ring (but of course not literally for he’ll be like a cannibal, hehehe), subduing them with powerful combination, relentless dexterity, incomparable speed and razor-sharp wits in the ring.

If there is Manny Pacquiao who is also a winner of seven world titles in seven weight categories, there is Tiger Woods in the sports of golf. Tiger Woods is definitely in top of the food chain, as just like what his first name suggests, he is a feisty competitor and would love to smother competition with his uncanny golfing techniques and skills. His reputation as a premier golfing sensation is built around with his numerous victories in many tournaments held worldwide.

The name Tiger Woods is no doubt a household name already and indeed, majority of Americans truly loves him and even idolizes him, for Tiger ascends to the top of the golfing pinnacle was not only endearing and inspiring but also heartwarming. Many times, Tiger Woods faced adversities and even discrimination earlier in life, but despite all the odds and challenges ranged against him he bucked all of them with sheer might and strength.

Tiger Woods who has Afro-African roots is also a very charismatic and lovable individual. He has millions of followers all over the world and great numbers of sponsors too. Tiger Woods already amassed 82 victories worldwide and 14 majors (four of them at the Augusta Masters). Woods last took part in a golf tournament last November 15, 2009, as he pocketed the Australian Masters in Melbourne, Australia.

But a great adversity showed up few months ago to test his mettle once again, this time it is nothing to do with golf but rather an unwanted and unnecessary real life drama that will surely change his life forever.On November 27, 2009 his sports utility vehicle rammed over a hydrant and into a tree outside his home in Florida, an accident that exposes the golf ace’s extramarital affairs. Just like a domino effect, Tiger Woods image diminished and just recently a porn star claimed she had an explicit affair with the golfing ace.

Tiger Woods was indeed bothered with the developments of events taking place with his life and continues to be parlayed with slugs that are not just hurtful but also shattering. He is in a hiatus for four months; perhaps licking the wounds he absorbed after series of scandals rocked him.

His million-dollars worth of sponsorship deals with various companies now vanished in thin air and more are expected to sever their advertisements tie with the beleaguered Woods.

Alas, after few months of inactivity in the lucrative professional golf circuit, Tiger Woods finally made his presence felt as he is set to compete in the Augusta Masters, which is touted as the most prestigious in the world. Tiger Woods is in the wake of the center of the storm. Will he produce credible result just what he did in the past or will just wilt down the pressure that surrounds him?

Tiger Woods truly did a great mistake worthy of public scrutiny and condemnation from many. But just like us he is human too, and very capable or prone to making mistakes great or small. But there are prime athletes that also got involve in controversy before, like Kobe Bryant and Magic Johnson both from the Los Angeles Lakers. But determined as ever they find their way on top again.

If these remarkable comeback were made by these two finest athletes, then why can't Tiger Woods?

Although deep wounds will be ever etched in the skin showing the grimace of the past, I just hope that Tiger Woods will work his way on top of his game again. He should bear in mind that people tends to forgive and forget. Though not in a position to say this though, I hope Woods will make necessary changes to make him a better person, for million of fans look up to him and many would still be glad to see him revive his exceptional golfing exploits. The things that he faced few months ago truly gave him a severe beating, but I hope that this will serve as a bitter lesson to him to grow further not just a world class golfer but as a great person as well.

God Bless it Tigers Woods!


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    • Prisana profile image

      Prisana Nuechterlein 6 years ago from Thailand and Colorado

      We're all still waiting for Tiger's great come back! Let's hope the wait isn't too long. Let's also hope that he has learned some positive life lessons from his self-inflicted adversities.

    • I*n*v*i*c*t*u*s profile image

      I*n*v*i*c*t*u*s 7 years ago

      I hope he roars! :) He's always been my fave.. though suprised of his indecretions.. it is his personal life he and family need to sort out themselves.. I will remain a diehard fan!

    • Ign Andy profile image

      Ign Andy 7 years ago from Green Home Office

      This guy is phenomenon. I hope he will prove it in The Master next month.

    • earnestshub profile image

      earnestshub 7 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      Not a good look Tiger, the fans are not impressed.

      I personally do not give a damn what he does as long as he plays golf!

    • Teresa Laurente profile image

      Maria Teresa Rodriguez - Laurente 7 years ago from San Antonio, Texas, U.S.A.

      I agree with you both in so many ways. We can forgive him just as God already did. Thank you for sharing this updates of Tiger Woods. I have heard about Pacman too, but I guess cultural difference is the issue. Athletes are considered role model and heroes of children. So, they have to live up to that standard. It is confusing to cross a happy medium.

    • Springboard profile image

      Springboard 7 years ago from Wisconsin

      At the end of the day I don't think his infidelities have a thing to do with golf. All he need do is swing the club, and that's it. He may not get the endorsement contracts like he did, he may get furled eyebrows from the crowds...

      But who cares? He'll still win tournaments. He'll still play his game. That's what he's in it for, right? Golf. Not accolades. Right? Golf. So play golf and let the game speak for itself.