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Simple mehendi designs

Updated on June 19, 2013

At my house in India, no festival was complete without mehendi in hands. However I could not apply mehendi much because mehendi was not allowed in our school. So during summer vacations, I always use to request my mother to apply mehendi in my hands. Basically there are 2 ways of applying mehendi at home, either get a ready made cone filled with mehendi from any Indian grocery store or prepare a cone in home and fill mehendi in it. You can apply heena or mehendi using a morocco syringe though I must admit that I had never heard about it till I read this article These days many use glitter gel with mehendi. The glitter bottle is used to make designs near the mehendi pattern. This glitter gel can last all day and can be easily removed with water. Another very interesting type of mehendi pattern is the 2 tone mehendi pattern. To know more about it read

I personally think that applying mehendi is easier from a readymade cone. The amount of work just gets half. However there are certain things which should be kept in mind while applying mehendi.

  • Do not wash hand or the part in which want to do mehendi with lotion based soap. You can even rub the area with alcohol.
  • Let the mehendi dry for minimum 1 hour. However if you want the design to be darker, keep the mehendi longer. Ideally 5- 12 hours time is enough for mehendi to be dark.
  • Apply lemon and sugar mixture as soon as he mehendi starts drying. This mixture will not let the mehendi dry and fall from palms.
  • Do not use water to wipe out the mehendi.
  • The longer you stay away from water, the darker the mehendi will be.
  • Mehendi is said to be darkened if tamarind juice is added to it while filling it in the cone.
  • To know more about how to apply mehendi read

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This is the mehendi in my palm.glitter mehendi
This is the mehendi in my palm.
This is the mehendi in my palm.
glitter mehendi
glitter mehendi | Source


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