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Black Pearl Earrings

Updated on June 6, 2013

Pearls are pretty precious in the world of jewelry. Considered an organic gem, the pearl comes, as you may know, from mollusks, like oysters, clams, or mussels. They were once considered rare gems, as there is only a 0.01% chance of finding one. Now that we cultivate pearls, they are far more accessible, and rare colors can now be much easier to find and afford. Black pearls, also known as a South Sea Tahitian Pearls, is one of these pearls. And nothing is more precious than tahitian black pearl earrings.

Black Pearl Earrings are a beautiful and versatile addition to your jewelry.
Black Pearl Earrings are a beautiful and versatile addition to your jewelry.

The History of the Black Pearl

Tahitian pearls naturally come from the sea near Tahiti from black pearl oysters.  Pearl hunts began in the island of Hikueru near Bora Bora for the black pearl oyster around the 1960’s, and where then exported from the islands until 1972.  We’ve learned to cultivate black pearls since then.  Black pearls can usually be found in tints of slightly grey to bluish black.  A pearl that looks black, with a nice nacre and luster can bring a little exotic charm to your jewelry collection.

How a Pearl is Made

Pearls are made when a mollusk ends up getting some form of irritant inside their soft bodies. In order to cope, they produce nacre, which is the secretion is used to line the inside of their shells. The color of the inside of their shell is usually the color nacre they use on a pearl – however, environmental influences may change the color, from black to brown, from grey to chocolate pearls. Slowly over time, the nacre would build layers and layers on tops of each other. In a natural setting, usually the irritant, which after being encased in nacre is called a nucleus, is something small, like a grain of sand, and so takes many years to get to the size that pearl harvesters would like.

So what is a freshwater cultured pearl? In cultured pearls, the nucleus is usually something bigger like a ball bearing. Cultivated pearls, therefore, are usually able to be harvested within a year if the harvester wishes. However, to ensure a better luster, the harvester would usually allow it to go for longer. Pearls are measured in millimeters and given a grade in luster quality, the best of which being either very high grade or AAA.

Pearl Earrings

From casual to elegant wear, black pearl earrings can be dressed up, dressed down, and always look beautiful. Whether wearing black pearl stud earrings, or paired with diamonds or other precious stones, pearl earrings are nice to have in one’s collection. One of the nice thing about pearl earrings is that a pearl doesn’t have to be perfectly symmetrical in order to wear. For example, if a black pearl earring is a tear shaped, as long as it has a companion of similar shape and color, you could have a nice pair of dangling tear drop pearl earrings. And black pearl earrings give a very different idea than the classic white pearls, which can be seen as matronly at times.


The cost of black pearl earrings depends on how they are made. Obviously, fake pearl earrings are going to be much cheaper than real pearl earrings. Just in case it comes up, there is a way to tell if a pearl is fake without any equipment needed. Do the tooth rub test. Rub your pearl on your tooth. If it feels smooth, well, it’s fake. A rough texture is the sign of a real pearl.

The real cost of a pearl depends on many things. A pearl will cost more is it is luminous, has an iridescent shine to it, has great luster, larger, and spherical. The ideal pearl would be perfectly round, have a high luster quality, and no blemishes. Pearls that are cultivated come in fresh water and salt water. Fresh water pearls will cost less as they are grown in controlled environments. Saltwater pearls are left to the elements, so it is more difficult to get the quality that is wanted. However, saltwater pearls often have more luster to them. And of course, if you find a natural black pearl, the cost will skyrocket.  As black pearls come in different forms, you will have to search well for the best price on akoya pearls and tahitian pearls.

If you want to know if the pearl is truly a natural pearl (after all, you’re paying an arm and a leg for them) then you will have to take it to a specialist. They will X-ray it for you. A cultivated pearl will have a large nucleus to it, while a natural pearl will have a very small nucleus and layers and layers of nacre over it.

One pearl that is not real but deserves some recognition is the majorca pearl. This is a completely man-made pearl, and perfect for vegans and vegetarians, as it has the luminosity of real pearls, but not oysters used in cultivation. It is a "pearl" to be considered with the best.

If you would like to learn more about the different kinds of pearls, click here. The best thing to pair black pearl earrings is a black pearl necklace. However, since black pearls can go with anything, you can add elegance to your accessories by having a yellow diamond on you. You can also go complicated and simple at the same time by pairing your black pearl earrings with a puzzle ring.


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