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Dog Tattoos

Updated on July 4, 2014

Dog Tattoo Designs

Dog tattoos were enjoyable to look at and search for, as many dog lovers not only expressed their appreciation for dogs, but did it through a variety of breeds; showing their personal preferences.
Man's best friend had a huge number of tattoo designs and styles as well, although most enjoyed inking the heads of their favorite animal more than anything else.

Among the more popular dog tattoo designs were, as I said, the head, but dogs lying down, ears perked up and tongues hanging out were also a part of much of the design of dog tattoos, and also several liked to dress up their dogs with their tattoos, much like people do in real life.

Some people also seem to have really liked more than one dog, and so have some tattooed together as a result.

Differences between dog and cat tattoos

I've done articles on cat tattoos before, and one of major differences is cats were done much more playfully and in ways that showed all those moods the always seem to be in, while dogs were done more in a friendly way, in the sense of looking like their best side was being portrayed.

Most of the cat tattoos I found also weren't done to show breeds so much, while dog tattoos seemed to show a different breed with each one.

Anyway, here are a number of dog tattoo designs and styles to enjoy.

Dog and cat tattoo

Since we talked a little of the differences between dog and cat tattoos, I thought I start off with one of the occasional friendships that are struck between dogs and cats, and expressed through this tattoo.

Dog and cat together in tattoo

Dog with tongue hanging out tattoo

I really like the tongue hanging out with this tattoo of a dog's head, but it's too bad the top of the image had so much brownish red, or bled too much. If you can ignore that, it's a pretty good tattoo otherwise.

Tattoo of dog with tongue hanging out

Nice Dog Tattoo

What I like about this dog tattoo is he gives you the sense of being your best friend in reality. Those eyes look like he's committed for life, and I love that bone lying there before him.

You get the feeling he's your buddy, but don't mess with the bone if you know what's good for you!

Man's Best Friend Tattoo

Remembering Dog through Tattoo

Similar to cats, people who lost their favorite dog many times ink them on their skin and show them in a very flattering and touching way. You can see from the one below what the owner thought of him.

Memorial Tattoo of Dog

Dog Tattoo with Bow Tie

This tattoo of the dog with a bow tie is hilarious. You look at those eyes and believe he's the type of dog to look good with a bow tie, and just as silly whether he wore it or not. Fun tattoo.

Funny Dog Tattoo

Disastrous Dog Tattoo

This dog tattoo I included to show you the potential for a good tattoo, but one that failed miserably. The nose especially was poorly done, and the center of the face overall is a disaster.

It's too bad because the surrounding face was done very well, but you just can't get past the mess it became.

You get the feel it's someone about to turn into a werewolf than anything else.

Messed up dog tattoo head

Good quality dog shoulder tattoos

Now contrast the above shoulder tattoo of the dog with these two quality tattoos and you can see the difference immediately. I really like how these two were done.

Three dogs shoulder tattoo

This is also a nicely done shoulder tattoo, considering the artist was able to include three dogs in quality detail.

But in case you didn't see it, what's interesting about it is the color of the eyes of the dogs, which are the same on two, with the third having the color of each of the other two dogs.

Shoulder tattoo of three dogs

Unique eyes dog tattoo

While I enjoy the dressing up of the dog look, again here, it's the uniqueness of the eyes that is attractive, and in this case, were done very nicely. I like the contrast and look between the two eyes, which you occasionally find on dogs.

Tattoo of dog wearing tie

Great Tattoo of Dog Peeking Out

This is just a really fun dog tattoo. It looks like he's peeking out from under a rug, and it's captured brilliantly by the tattoo designer and artist. Very nice and high quality.

Really nice dog tattoo

Another dog being remembered

As far as quality of work and likeness, this is among the best of the dog tattoos I found. The owner had to be extremely happy with the results and how he could show off the memory of his dog.


USMC Dog Tattoo

Last but not least of the dog tattoos is the USMC emblem showing the tough old guy strutting his stuff. If that doesn't capture and embody the spirit of the marine core, I guess nothing does.

Hopefully you enjoyed this look at the variety of dog tattoos out there. There were so many to choose from it was hard to decide which ones to include for you to view.


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    • profile image

      Cindy Jensen 

      9 years ago

      How do I find an artis that can do a quality tat of my deceased boxer girls


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