Is there anything wrong (or illegal) about dressing up in crazy costumes every d

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  1. Earl S. Wynn profile image83
    Earl S. Wynnposted 8 years ago

    Is there anything wrong (or illegal) about dressing up in crazy costumes every day?

  2. nicnac profile image60
    nicnacposted 8 years ago

    Surely it's not illegal!!?! And it's not wrong, its a personal thing how you deal with the stares smile

  3. rotl profile image61
    rotlposted 8 years ago

    Not wrong in my eyes... whatever floats your boat. What people wear in other cultures seems like costumes to people in one culture anyways.

  4. sugz profile image71
    sugzposted 8 years ago

    hey mate if it makes ya feel good an ya just get a kick out of the looks on peoples faces go for it.. i dressed up as a dodo bird just for a laugh once.. scared the doodoo out of a bunch of kids, not intentionally an it was funny.. then went to the supermarket flappin me wings.. i had so much fun people laughed and it put a smile on the faces of so many, id do it again anyday...
    i want to dress up as wonder woman but im not allowed to , my friends said they will disown me haha worth a shot tho wink

  5. MickS profile image67
    MickSposted 8 years ago


  6. tom_caton profile image80
    tom_catonposted 8 years ago

    not illegal no, though slipknot once had the police called on them when they hopped out of a van at a gig they were playing in full stage dress, unfortunately the place they were playing at had a jewelry store as neighbors, who, frightened by the look of 9 men in masks and jump suits, decided they were about to be robbed.

  7. Hestia DeVoto profile image59
    Hestia DeVotoposted 8 years ago

    In Las Vegas, it's illegal to go into a casino with a mask or any costume parts that cover your face.  I was in Vegas for Halloween once, and we learned that from casino security when we tried to go into a casino after leaving a costume party.  You have to take off any half or full masks while you are passing through the casino floor or any active gambling areas.

  8. skye2day profile image73
    skye2dayposted 8 years ago

    I do not believe thee is any written law other then dressing profane, In my humble opinion I think discernment is a factor. I would have to look in the mirror and consider my motive for dressing 'goofy' each day? To make someone laugh, to rebel, to get attention?. I think dress shows a sight of maturity. but heck there is no law. God did give us free will.

    How others dress is a 'sigh' of  maturity on a spiritual,  emotional and professional level. To dress goofy for laughs or attention each day seems  like it would take allot of work. Is it really worth it?  What is the goal?  If someone would be harmed or injured or offended then I would hope to choose to pass on 'dressing' in costume'  If one needs attention I suppose the goal could get met by dressing in costume each day. .

    For me using discernment would be key. Many Blessings to you.

  9. justom profile image67
    justomposted 8 years ago

    There used to be a guy in the city I live in that dressed in a clown suit and wore a hardhat and carried a silver lunch pail (that matched his hardhat). Everybody knew him and thought it was very funny. Turns out the guy got fired, years ago, from his construction job and it drove him a bit batty so while it was funny to look at it ended as kind of a sad story.


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