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HP External Hard Drive, The Signature SimpleSafe Model

Updated on June 24, 2013

External hard drive which serves as data backup or extra capacity storage is very common nowadays; even a college kid own at least one. There are many different manufacturers that offers hard disk out there and one of the trusted brand that you can rely on is HP External Hard Drive. Hewlett Packard or HP is one of the major computers manufacturer in the world and you should not worry too much about any product that it puts out.

There are actually two kind of external hard disk drive; i) portable external hard disk and ii) desktop external hard disk. Portable external hard disk as it sounds is a hard disk which you can easily carry around. It is most likely being used together with the laptop as it could fit easily in any compartment in your laptop bag. Desktop external hard disk, on the other hand, is a bit bigger or bulky and it normally sits on your desktop. It normally holds a 3.5 inch hard drive and have bigger storage capacity compare to the portable one.

Both drives utilizes the USB port to establish connection with the computer, so all you need to do is just plug and play. However, note that a desktop external drive consumes more power and thus, it requires additional power supply and an power adapter would normally come with your purchase.

HP External Hard Drive SimpleSafe
HP External Hard Drive SimpleSafe

So you might be wondering which one to buy? An desktop external or a portable one?

Well, that depends on your needs. Some people prefer one from the other while some people prefer both.

As mentioned, if you mostly do your work in front of your desktop computer, then a desktop external hard drive would be highly recommended. It provides you with larger storage capacity and nowadays the smallest capacity that HP offers in the market is at least 1TB and that's a lot.

Besides, a desktop hard disk is more durable compares to a mobile one as most of the time it would sit on your desk and not going anyway.

Additionally, this kind of hard disk normally has the auto backup feature, which means it will perform auto data backup periodically as what you have set earlier. So it's indeed a great choice for desktop computing.

On the other hand, a portable external hard drive functions more like a thumb drive but with a bigger size of storage capacity. With it smaller size, you can just easily slip it into your pocket and you are ready to go.

Portable hard disk is ideal for data transfers especially in big volumes between two computers. Well, it also can be used as handy backup tool, especially if you are mobile and always work on your laptop computer. Just plug it into your notebook USB port and the backup software will launch automatically.And when you hit a button, the data backup process will be performed automatically; it synchronizes between the files you have on your computer with the ones on the external hard drive.

HP External Hard Drive SimpleSave

HP external hard drive bestseller is none other than the HP SimpleSave which both are offered in desktop and portable version. HP brand caters both the desktop and laptop computer user so for those who are HP fans don't miss this out..

HP SimpleDrive Portable External Hard Drive

This HP SimpleDrive portable external hard drive is specially designed to fit stylishly in your pocket or purse. It is the perfect choice for plug and play extra storage and makes data backup as simple as snapping a finger, so just anyone can do it easily. This hard drive comes with a backup software that runs right off the drive, so the minute you plug it into a USB port, the data backup process will start automatically. You do not need to install any software to make it works, it’s practically hands-free.

So even the most disorganized computer user will definitely love this cool backup solution because the software will find all the valuable data, no matter where they are located on your PC. Moreover, it will frequently check for file changes after the first backup so that the backup copy will always up to date with the ones stored in the computer.

It needs only one USB power supply to make it work, so you do not need to carry another bulky adapter when you are on the move. SimpleDrive external hard drive is available in glossy black finish and attractive compact design. Currently this version is only available in two storage capacity: 320GB and 500 GB.

HP SimpleDrive Desktop External Hard Drive

HP SimpleDrive Desktop External Hard Drive

This desktop version of SimpleDrive works just exactly the same as the portable version. The auto backup feature will launch once it is plug into your computer. So that's mean no software to install and again it's practically hands-free.

Anyone will definitely love this backup solution that runs automatically and perform data matching and backup on its own. If check any changes of the files periodically so you won't need to interfere the process. Unlike the portable version, this one need additional power supply to power it up and a power adapter is included in the package. Although this is a desktop drive, it works very quite and does not require a cooling fan. It also comes with a glossy black finishing and attractive compact design and it is currently available in 3 sizes of storage capacity: 1TB, 1.5TB and 2.0 TB.


HP External Hard Drive is highly recommended whether for business or personal use. With its simple backup feature, you won't need to worry about how to backup your information anymore. By the way, all HP external drives are backup with two years warranty.

HP SimpleSave 1TB USB Hard Drive Unboxing

HP SimpleSave External Hard Drive Review


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