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USB External Hard Drives - For Fast and Easy Data Backup Solution

Updated on June 12, 2013

USB external hard drives are used as extra or backup storage for data and information that you save in your PC main hard drive. One of the most fragile part of any computer is none other than the hard disks. They are not completely reliable and for safely purpose, you must have at least a backup copy of your important data stored in a different place. In this case, an external hard drive will come handy for you.

Nowadays, USB ports are very common and you won't find any computers that do not have at least few ports. USB which stand for Universal Serial Bus is very useful since it has become the standard connection for most computer peripherals and hardware. Compare to other type of older ports, USB is not restricted to just one kind of usage or hardware.

A USB external hard drive is an external hard drive that can be connected to a PC via the USB port. As mentioned, you can backup important data on it or use it as an extra storage for you might have limited storage on your internal hard disk. So in case if something goes wrong with your main hard drive unit, you can still have access to your important information when you hook it up to another computer. By the way, an external hard drive also can be used to boot up a PC.

USB External Hard Drives
USB External Hard Drives

If working on the computer is your major work then an external hard disk is definitely what you need. Computer can break down easily is so many ways particular with Windows OS. When it freeze or shut down suddenly, your valuable files might get corrupted or destroyed all together. In some worst cases, you might lose your data altogether, this is true when the hard drive melt down or occurring bad sectors in a large volume.

This latest technology in data storage combines the convenience of utilizing a USB port with the convenience or mobility of an external hard drive. Since your data is stored in completely different drive, you will definitely feel more secured and have a peace of mind. There is always a secondary or third copy of the same data for you to access later on.

If the data that you have is very sensitive, you can even store the whole external hard disk in a different and more secure place such as fireproof safe or in a place where no one could access. By keeping your data in a different place, the chances of information being lost will be significant reduced. My brother always tells me that technology is good as it makes life simpler but that doesn't mean technology is reliable at least not all the time.

Minimize Data Loss with USB External Hard Drives

So when you have one or two USB external hard drives to backup your information, you wouldn't worry very much about your data since there will always be a secondary or third backup available. However, getting one and actually using it in your daily computing activities are two different things. To reduce the risk of information loses, always back up your data frequently. You must also make sure that you follow the directions carefully so that you the files are backed up correctly.

There are many brands that you can consider such as Western Digital, HP, Seagate, Buffalo, Iomega, Toshiba, Hitachi and Maxtor. These are all trusted brands and the only thing that you need to figure out when getting a USB external hard drives is the data storage capacity and other features that suit your needs.

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    computerstorage 5 years ago from USA

    Especially USB 3.0, I think it's faster than FireWire and eSATA interfaces.