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Hitachi External Hard Drive: The SimpleDrive Data Solution

Updated on June 24, 2013
Hitachi Portable Hard Drive
Hitachi Portable Hard Drive

Hitachi is one of the most trusted brands in the PC industry and without a doubt, Hitachi external hard drive is a best seller in the market. Hitachi has produced some of the world’s most shock resistant hard disk and this is quite known among some extreme hard disk users. Although Hitachi is not as popular as compare to other brands but it is rising fast. The Japanese is quite extreme when trying to build the best of the best.

Like many other manufacturers, Hitachi also offers external hard disk that caters both desktop PC and notebook PC users. External hard disk is very useful for backing up data and information. In case if the main internal hard disk of you computer fails or totally corrupted, you could be rest assured that your data is safe.

Although there are companies out there that offer services to extract data from corrupted hard disk, but I don’t think that you need to take the risk. Besides, having a backup files on external storage gives you a peace of mind even if you have accidentally deleted them because you know that there is another copy available.

SimpleDrive External Hard Disk

Hitachi SimpleDrive External Hard Drive
Hitachi SimpleDrive External Hard Drive

One of the best and popular external hard drives from this company is none other than the Hitachi SimpleDrive Mini 320GB. This external hard drive is designed with reliability, portability and style in mind, so you can expect the high quality from it. The all new design of Hitachi SimpleDrive will definitely keep you tension free of any loss to your data which can happen all the time. Let’s find out more about this drive:

Quality and Style
One of things that users normally look at when getting an external hard drive is quality and style and this SimpleDrive definitely meet these criteria. SimpleDrive comes in three different colors and storage capacity: Red Wine (250GB), Blue Dusk (320GB) and Carbon Fiber (500GB). The former two have a velvet-soft matte finish and easy grip sides while the Carbon Fiber model has a smooth semi-gloss coating. By industry standard these two finishing are considered to be the best and most favored by user.

Since SimpleDrive is designed for people who on the go, it won't need additional power supply other than the usb connector. Just connect the hard drive to one of your PC or laptop USB ports and you are ready to go.

Storage Capacity

As mentioned, SimpleDrive comes with the storage capacity of 250GB, 320GB and 500GB. With the speed of USB2.0 interface, now you can access your data in just matter of seconds. Files transfers are fast and besides crucial information, you can store virtually anything such as movies, music and photos. Besides, it also provides you with excellent backup facility; just plug it in and everything can be easily managed.

It is compatible with almost any operating systems available today which include Windows Vista (Home Ultimate, Business), XP and Windows 7. For other OS such as Linux, you might need to reformat it to suit the system but it's all easy stuff particular if you are already a Linux user.

SimpleDrive comes with an affordable price tag and with all the features that it has, you have nothing to complain. The current bestseller on this range is the 320GB but I would advise you to go with the 500GB as sooner or later you will find out that the need for more storage will increase. In short, Hitachi External Hard Drive is absolutely ‘value for money’ and so go get one. You won't be disappointed with it.


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    computerstorage 5 years ago from USA

    I've never use Hitachi brand before. I used to use Seagate and Western Digital, because it's a market brands. If I buy a new external hard drive, I will consider Hitachi.