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Iomega External Hard Drives

Updated on June 11, 2013

If you are looking to buy an extra storage for your computer, you might perhaps want to consider getting Iomega external hard drives. Iomega is one of the most trusted brands in data storage and protection industry. External hard drives are normally used as a data backup device or as an extension data storage capacity in an event that the internal hard drive has reached its capacity.

There are two main types of Iomega external hard drives: the portable external hard drive and the desktop external hard drive. Portable external hard drive as it name suggests is the type of hard drive that you can carry along with you easily. It is small enough that you can slip it into your pocket without problem. Besides, it also requires no external power supply to get it running; just plug it into an existent USB port of your computer or laptop and it is ready to be used.

Iomega Desktop External Hard Drive
Iomega Desktop External Hard Drive

Desktop external hard drives, on the other hand, are designed to be used for desktop computer. This version of external hard drive utilizes the 3.5" of hard disk drives for storage. It is bigger and thus, not suitable for mobile use. Furthermore, it also needs external power source to power it on as the power from the USB port is not great enough to make it work. Desktop external hard drives are normally used as backup storage devices, where with just a push of the button will start the backup process.

The question whether to go for a desktop or portable external hard drives solely depend on the need. If you are always on the move and need an external hard drive for quick backup or extra storage, the portable one should be your choice. On the other hand, if you need a rather large backup storage which sits only on your desktop, surely the desktop version suited you most. Whether you are going for either one or both, take a look at Iomega external hard drives below:

Iomega 1 TB eSATA 3 GB/USB 2.0 Desktop External Hard Drive

This desktop external hard drive is built for performance driven where the eSata technology can performs 6x faster than USB 2.0 or FireWire 400. It is also compliant with the NEW eSata standards.

This award winning product is bundled up with EMC Retrospect and MozyHome software for professional level backup and disaster recovery for all your data. It also includes the Iomena Never Down Software which creates a safety ned for your system files with complete external backup of your operating system.So far, Iomega is the first backup storage that has such feature.

Testimonials from users:

Bob says "This is a great external drive. Easy to set up, works on Win 7(64) - I'm not using supplied backup software so I can't talk about it's compatibility - and comes with a 3 year warranty The box includes both USB and eSata cables. Throw the USB cable in a drawer as using eSata on this drive is like having another internal drive. BUT, my computer has an eSata port, which you must have to run this drive.

I'm using it for storing music and playback. Highly recommended. One note, make sure you read the quick install doc as eSata is not plug and play like USB, but it's close. Basically, that only means their are some restrictions about plugging it in or out while your computer is running. No restrictions otherwise. Read the short bit of documentation. And, Amazon delivered with no problems, as usual."

Sherry states "This hard drive worked great on eSata with a Scientific Atlanta 8300 HD cable box. I can't hear any noise at all, very quiet. It is great to have a drive I could use for computer backup later on, should I wish to. The only thing I would have on my wish list for the drive is a light that is a little less bright."

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