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Holidays in Hawaii-Waikiki Beach Review

Updated on January 25, 2011
on the beach
on the beach | Source

Fascinating Waikiki Beach

Countless honeymooners, travelers, tourists, and beach lovers know very well why they keep coming back to Waikiki. The usual reasons include beautiful white sand beaches, memorable sunsets, and lush mountains in the background that lends mystique to this Oahu island gem. If Hawaii is your holiday destination then Waikiki Beach has plenty to offer.


Kapiolani Park
Kapiolani Park | Source

Water Sports

Surfing, swimming, and snorkeling Hawaiian –style is next to unbeatable. The braver ones go jelly fish watching or body boarding. Aside from water sports, there are many other enjoyable things to do in Waikiki. This island beach near the Hawaiian capital of Honolulu boasts of beautiful hills, historical sites, and whale tours. You can take a scenic walk from Waikiki Beach all the way to Kapiolani Park and you will surely get a taste of many attractive sights. Bring along your camera for a stroll along Kalakaua Avenue and capture some spectacular views of the beach strip. The roads are lined on the beach side with palm trees and with tall hotels on the other, giving the view something to rival the French Riviera or the beaches of Florida.

great to surf on Waikiki Beach
great to surf on Waikiki Beach
 USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor
USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor | Source

Out and About at Waikiki

A whale watching tour to catch a glimpse of Hawaii’s beautiful ocean creatures is a definite must; and even on its own could make it worth your trip. These mammalian ocean wonders are quite hard to catch so you better get those point and shoot cameras on standby. Add historical flavor to your vacation by visiting the World War II memorial near Pearl Harbor to give honor to navy men who defended the country many years ago. The memorial is as real as it gets and many a veteran or veteran relative go there to relive the heroic moments of years ago, never to be forgotten.

Diamond Head Crater park

Should you be the backpacker or mountain hiker type, you can climb to the top of Diamond Head Crater park or the mountains overlooking Waikiki for a rewarding glorious view and to feel the height of summiting a great peak. Nature has blessed this island chain with some of the most varied types of terrains, all to be found in one island locale, a very rare feature that still baffles scientists to this day. And, most of these natural wonders are just an hour away from the beach –something that usually misses the regular tourist.

Luau show
Luau show


Getting to Waikiki from nearby Honolulu airport is a cinch but you might want to use the shuttle buses to avoid parking hassles or to save some gas money. Bring your own clean drinking water and use light bags only to give you more legroom inside the bus. On the other hand, the international market draws a crowd and you might want to stay clear of poor quality goods. If you are persistent enough, you might just bring home some authentic but cheap bargains. The beaches are usually crowded with people so its better sometimes to ask your booking agent to look for a hotel that has a pool or other featured programs so you can make the most of your stay. Any Hawaiian tour should include Luau shows and native food, their culture and delicacies will surely keep you coming back. Some hotels provide regular shows and programs free as part of guest accommodations. Don’t forget to ask for a hotel room with a view of the strip because the picturesque sand from the hotel to the mountains can be as beautiful as what you see in postcards.


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    • ExVacationIdeas profile image

      ExVacationIdeas 6 years ago

      We love Waikiki Beach! We have stayed at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, and the Moana Surfrider and loved them both!