France or Italy: which do you prefer to stay in?

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  1. Carmen H profile image83
    Carmen Hposted 12 years ago

    France or Italy: which do you prefer to stay in?

    Each has its own unique charm and beauty- food, places, locals, and almost everything in connection to life's simple pleasures and luxuries.

  2. profile image0
    gogogoposted 12 years ago

    Italy has so much history, and I am a history buff, so I do enjoy visiting.  But France is very beautiful and exciting, many castles and rivers, and of course the city of Paris which everyone should see at least once in their life. It also has a lot of history, it is oneof my favourite places to visit.

  3. IamAnurag profile image40
    IamAnuragposted 12 years ago

    France especially in Paris...after all its the most romantic city in the world?

  4. profile image52
    CentralWIGardenerposted 12 years ago

    I've been to both.  Italy is a tad cheaper, if you speak or read Spanish you can sort of intuit Italian, although it seems eveyone speaks English these days. 

    There are some very interesting cuisines in different parts of Italy versus what I feel is a more uniform cuisine throughout France.  The Italian people seem more sociable. There is some incredible art in Italy's museums. 

    France has Paris (the Lourve); but Italy, in addition to Rome (the Coliseum), has Florence (Michaelangelo's David, the Medici thing) and Venice (Ponti Vecchio Bridge, gondolas, Venetian glass), both rate right up there with my favorite cities in the world.

    Did I mention crusty bread, Italian wine, and pasta?

    I have to add, though, both countries have a lot to recommend them!

  5. TheBlondie profile image61
    TheBlondieposted 12 years ago

    I've only been to France for a little while, but I think I prefer Italy. There's more variety. There's the northern part, with amazing mountains and quaint little villages, then theres the coasts and the south, with tropical looking beaches and trails, and modern architecture and fashion.

  6. puddingicecream profile image70
    puddingicecreamposted 12 years ago

    I love France -- the culture, the places, ah I miss it so much! But Italy is great as well. Italians are really nice, and Italian food is amazing.

  7. mkrandhawa profile image60
    mkrandhawaposted 12 years ago

    i prefer France's beautiful city Paris because i like it very much.

  8. profile image0
    Princess Pittposted 12 years ago

    I think the history of Italy is long been neglected by its own people .....esp. their president .....a womanizer! who doesn`t acknowledge women's right..

    They have a bad reputation now despite of their rich roots in history.

    I love France has at least the basic laws and order....and they preserved their history with value.

    And everything is delighting..

  9. Movie Master profile image59
    Movie Masterposted 12 years ago

    I prefer Italy, I think Venice is more romantic than Paris, the Italians are so friendly, I visited the very beautiful Amalfi Coast, it's breathtaking.
    And I love the history of Rome.
    You've got me reminiscing, I'd love to go back there!

  10. OneFineG467 profile image60
    OneFineG467posted 12 years ago

    Italy is ancient and beautiful it suites me..

  11. ArtAsLife profile image60
    ArtAsLifeposted 12 years ago

    Italy the food, and culture of the place would be absolutely amazing. While france has a reputation for being less than friendly towards tourist.

  12. mvillecat profile image67
    mvillecatposted 12 years ago

    I would pick France to stay for an extended period of time. I would love to experience the food, wine, fashion, sunflower fields and visit WWII memorials.

  13. rikabothra profile image60
    rikabothraposted 12 years ago

    Tough pick, I would love to stay 6 months in France and another 6 in Italy. If I have to choose one, it would be France.

  14. Elena Konik profile image66
    Elena Konikposted 12 years ago

    I would love to go to Italy!!! It has always been my aesthetic passion! Food, style, passion, language of LOVE, welcoming people, unique architecture, culture and nature! Ciao, Amore!

  15. nabeelplus profile image60
    nabeelplusposted 12 years ago

    i would love to stay in Italy due to its historical places.

  16. Jcapinit profile image59
    Jcapinitposted 12 years ago

    Ohhhh what a question! I lived in Milan for 4 years and have no desire to go back for even a visit! Paris was one of my favorite all time cities, as was Florence! I'm going to go with France for now!

  17. LacretiaHardy profile image60
    LacretiaHardyposted 12 years ago

    Ooh, this is a tough question.  I love them both, but I have to say that I love Italy the most because of the history and the cuisine.

  18. patbess profile image59
    patbessposted 12 years ago

    Italy for sure! I love the food and the history of that country. I am very lucky because I have already been there several times but I could go back every year.

  19. profile image0
    missstefanyhubsposted 12 years ago

    Italy! Great culture, people, history, just everything about it is simply beautiful !

  20. miss-tonia profile image61
    miss-toniaposted 12 years ago

    Italy, i think its way prettier then France

  21. NotSoPerfect profile image60
    NotSoPerfectposted 12 years ago

    Italy! I love the culture, the food, the language...everything! Especially the food...I could live in Italy just to try all the food!

  22. Pikachusif profile image61
    Pikachusifposted 11 years ago

    Well, I would prefer France over Italy. The city of Paris is breathtaking, as is the same with other French cities. The cuisine is exquisite, the architecture is enchanting, there are plenty of things to do in ever magnificent France, and the sophistication of the country is one that is unmatched, in many areas stretching from professional criticism to even the language and music that the country richly boasts. So, in closing, I would have to go with glorious France.

                                                         -Au-revoir, Pikachusif

  23. Jyoti Patil profile image60
    Jyoti Patilposted 11 years ago

    I would prefer Italy. For its history. Old villages. Pizzas and Pastas. Clothes. Beaches. Amalfi coast. Though Travelling in waters is not that a good idea unless and until it is for the first time.

  24. JosieLee profile image64
    JosieLeeposted 11 years ago

    Italy would be the place for me. The culture and the food are so rich. The people are so nice and passionate about life. Italy is a wonderful place to be. The history that roams Italy is an added bonus.

  25. Princessa profile image83
    Princessaposted 8 years ago

    I was faced with this question about 10 years ago.  I travelled extensively in both countries with my husband and very young children.  We were at the point of buying a place in Calabria when we finally decided to move to France. 

    10 years later I do not regret our choice, living in France has been (and still is) a wonderful experience.


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