The Tribulation Period is Really About to Begin!?!

They Are Ready to Ride and Will Be Here Very Soon!!!

They Are Ready to Ride!!!!
They Are Ready to Ride!!!! | Source

The Four Horsemen Are Prepared and Ready to Ride! Are You?

The Bible (Book of Instruction Before Leaving Earth), talks about the Four Horsemen, their significance and purpose. And Yes, they do have a purpose during the Tribulation Period!! Father God shares these things with us before they happen so you will believe! Believe me, they are ready to Ride and Will Do So Very Soon!

Now, I had a dream at the end of June 2016 and I shared this dream within TeamSTM's Dreams and Visions HubPage. If you would like, you can go there are read the entire dream. This one dream, like the ones I have been having here lately are strange and yet I am able to grasp the meanings. Don't get me wrong, sometimes talking to people can help and sometimes this isn't always good to do so. Anyway, back to the Four Horsemen. I am sure many of you may have already figured out who is the rider on the white horse, with the bow and comes to conquer. This rider and his horse is about to ride onto the scene of Human History and at a time which will catch more people off guard.

How Much Time Is Left to Prepare? There really isn't much, like I said; the Four Horsemen are ready to ride!! This why Now, “Today” Is The Day For Redemption! You don't want to be Left Behind after the Rapture, the Catching Away, Jesus Appearing in the Clouds, the Come Up Hither of the Bride of Christ which is about to take place! This is Why We Need Jesus! He is the only way we can escape from what is about to come upon the Earth and have Hope, Love, Peace for all Eternity!!

After the Rapture, this World will Forever be Changed and the World you loved, will be Gone Forever! This World, Let It Go while you still can! Wake up and come to Jesus Now or you will be trampled underfoot by these Four Horsemen, which are ready to ride.

The Bride is Ready! The Time Has Come

Be Watching, For You Know Not the Day Nor The Hour!!

The "Signs" Are Very Clear, The Season is Upon Us!!
The "Signs" Are Very Clear, The Season is Upon Us!! | Source

The Bride is Ready!!

In the Beginning of June 2016, early in the morning, God Spoke to Swift Passage in the video above. Judgment is coming to the entire world and the Bride of Christ is Ready! This alone is Great News; Jesus Christ is Coming Soon to Rapture His Bride or Church!! Hallelujah and Praise God!!

What I still find amazing is there is still time to prepare for those who are still coming to Jesus. It is clear, once this Final Trumpet of God Sounds and the Rapture takes place that's it, the time for preparation is over. There will be no way to prepare at the Rapture as it is happening.

Will Life be over right then; is all Hope gone at this point?

Let's All Be Ready!

Praise the Lord God, the Bride is Ready!

The Bride of Christ
The Bride of Christ | Source

What Do I do After the Rapture!?!

It would be great to proclaim that every single Christian will be Caught Up in the Clouds to Meet the Lord Jesus, to say this would be a lie. Honestly I wish this were the case so not one single Christian will have to go through the Tribulation, the time when the devil will rule the entire world and the moment when The Age of Grace came to an End! I must state this, even the Bible mentions that few will enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, "Few." This includes the Rapture; the Bible also states that many will be left behind after the Rapture of His Bride. Anything God says, it will unfold just as He said. Whether You Know It or Not, This is Jehovah’s Story! So if I say anything on the contrary, I will be held accountable.

The Bible also informs us which Christians will be left behind after the Rapture. Those who’s Love for Jesus Christ has grown Cold or have forgotten Him. Those whose Love for Him is lukewarm now, half for Jesus and half on worldly things. Also those who follow false doctrines or teachings of man, over what the Bible tells us we must do or should be doing! Those are the Believers which will face the world of the Tribulation. Even now I could even be one of them, I hope and pray that I am not; so many others will be hoping they will be counted worthy to escape at the Rapture as well.

To The Christians Who are Still Asleep Now, at Present. Can You See the "Signs" of the Times? The Tribulation Will be Their Second Chance to Meet Jesus in Heaven!! The Very Rough Road Ahead, Darkness Soon Comes. Are You Ready and Awake Yet?

The Tribulation period is when the devil's minions will be free to do what they want, to whom they want and will be "visible" to the naked eye!! Are you sure you want to go through the Modern Age of Darkness, the Tribulation!?! This will also be the timeframe for The United States of America, the Downfall and the End of the American “Way” of Life, foretold in the Bible long ago!

Be Counted "Worthy" to Escape This, Wake Up Now!!

What a Good God We Serve!

All Hope Will Not be Lost!
All Hope Will Not be Lost! | Source

Life in the Tribulation or During the Second Chance for the Believers Who Still Slumber in Spirit, Before the Rapture.

For those Believers whose love for the Lord Jesus has grown lukewarm or cold, they will witness the Rapture and immediately realize the Bible, Jehovah God and the Lord Jesus are for Real. After the Rapture, they will be on Fire for God, Seeking His Will and make every attempt to live for Him during this timeframe! As the Bible also forewarns, these are the people whom the antichrist will also seek and kill them. Why? Because they will not take his mark, worship him or follow his false teachings. Their love for the Lord Jesus becomes more important than the world they now live in after the Rapture, during the Tribulation. Not to mention, because the world itself will be sold out to the devil (Lucifer, Satan), the host of new minions will possess those under their influence and will simply kill anyone whom they hate. That is any Believers who are Left Behind!! It will be their world, domain and time to play or kill rather.

The point of the Tribulation is this, sure there will be Believers left behind; this isn't the main goal or focus of the Tribulation timeframe. Right now, in the Last Fleeting moments of the Age of Grace, the Gentiles can go to God the Son, Jesus Christ and call upon His name in Faith and in Grace. Once the Rapture happens, God will turn His main focus upon His Chosen People or His Original Bride, Israel! Daniel's Seventieth Week or the Time of Jacob's Trouble as mentioned in the Bible. During this time they will build Israel’s Third Temple, God will deal with Israel; then they as a whole, will begin to realize Jesus Christ is their Messiah and has been since when He first walked the Earth. They will come to this realization and like us now (the Gentiles who are Living for Christ), they will reject the world and come to Jesus for all of their needs. Israel as a whole will come to know their True Messiah, Yeshua Hamashiach!!

The Tribulation Period is for Israel and yes there will be Believers there during the seven year period, and there is even hope for them as well. The main focus is on Israel and coming to know their True Messiah!

The Horrors and Truths of the Tribulation Period!!!

Yeshua Hamashiach

You Will Soon Know Your True Messiah
You Will Soon Know Your True Messiah | Source

The Saints During the Tribulation?

Those Believers which will be Left Behind don't think Jehovah God has forgotten you. He hasn't and if you seek Him even then, He will still provide for you. However, you must also never ever take the mark of the beast talked about in the book of Revelation. If you do, your punishment will be harsh, for you have just accepted the devil (Lucifer, Satan) as your master and completely turn away from Father God. Believers will be on the run; some will be caught and even killed as the book of Revelation in the Bible mentions. In these same passages, it tells you how the many Believers will be killed. It is far better to be killed for Christ's namesake than to take the mark of the antichrist. If I were to be Left Behind, I would rather die for Jesus, than to take a mark which would condemn you to an Eternal Death in the Lake of Fire.

Even in the dark world which is about to become a reality, there is still hope for the Believers who are left behind. For if Christ was beaten, mocked, stoned, bruised, physically broken; God the Son while He was on Earth! Think about this? Why would we, the Believers who are Left Behind, followers of Him during the Tribulation, think we will not face persecution and death? The Bible already states this during the Tribulation; those Believers which are Left Behind will face them. The World does not Love Jesus, and this same world will not Love any Believers which will be Left Behind. There will sights and things most people think exist only in Horror Films, you know the ones we watched at the theaters, Movies Houses or on the television. Except, they will not be from the imagination's anymore, they Will Be Real and "Visible" to the Naked Eye!! Again, if I am one of those, persecute me, mock me, do with my flesh as you will world. My Spirit, Love and very Heart belongs to the Lord Jesus. Do with my body as you will, you could never destroy that which is within. Even the Bible states: "Greater is He (the Lord Jesus) that is in me, than that which is in the World (the devil)."

Do not take the mark of the antichrist, this can't be emphasized enough! The price to do so is too costly and great, die for Jesus, the Reward is much Greater! Ask Yourself Where is Your Treasure and Where Will You Call Home? If you take the "Mark", you will no longer be able to be Pulled Out of the Fire!

Rapture and Tribulation Truths

There will Still be Hope

Life After the Rapture of the Bride
Life After the Rapture of the Bride | Source

The Rewards in Heaven!!

For those Believers who are Left Behind after the Rapture, life on the run in a world of darkness is the new norm. Prison camps for Believers and/or people who will not take the mark of the beast. Life without the freedoms and comforts we can enjoy now in the Last Few Days of The Age of Grace. Seeing things and creatures which were once just in the imaginations walking about, causing great destruction! A life where we must always watch our backs, who we meet or cross paths with and the constant pursuit of people who want to kill you; this sounds more like a horror movie than an actual reality, the truth is, this is about to be the reality. After the Rapture of the Bride, this will be the reality.

For those who died for Christ's namesake during the Tribulation, they will receive a reward in Heaven. As if being able to see, meet and behold Jesus wasn't already enough! To be the Bride of Christ is a reward as well and more than worth it to be a part of. The main focus for those Believers who are still asleep now, before the Rapture is for them to know there will be hope even during the Tribulation timeframe. Especially for those who come to Jesus for the first time during the seven year period. Even they too will make Heaven their home and be able to meet Jesus where He dwells!

God is truly a God of second chances, for those who miss the Rapture or were not ready beforehand. They can still make Heaven their home, just after The Age of Grace comes to an end (at the Rapture) and where the Tribulation Age begins. There is still hope; it may not be as easy as it is now as of June 2016. By no means is Life over for the Believers left behind after the Rapture, persecution of Believers will be a worldwide thing during the Tribulation period.

The reward will come to those who face persecution and did not turn their backs on Jesus during the Tribulation period, they died for Him. Rather than take the mark of the beast, to buy or sell during this time period. Say no, run from it, it is far better to die for Jesus than to receive the mark.

A Tribulation Warning?

Well Done...!

Find Jesus Even During Tribulation!
Find Jesus Even During Tribulation! | Source

The Tribulation Period is Coming!

Within How Much Time is Left to Prepare, there is a Rapture about to take place and it happens before the dark days just around the corner. I will tell you this rapture which is soon upon us is a Pre-Tribulation Rapture. It is however, conveniently before the start of the Tribulation. Where in Swift Passage's video above mentions, "the Bride of Christ is not appointed to Wrath," Just as the Bible also states this same phrase about the Bride of Christ or His Church.

Simply because this videos right above talks about the mark of the beast; shows in the Bible where it is located and is read for you word for word. It seems only proper to use it as a reference to warn about the days just ahead for the many Believers who are still asleep. Whose love for Jesus has grown cold or is non-existent, whose love has grown lukewarm. Half on the things of Jesus (Prayer, Seeking God's Will, Putting Him First, Loving Jesus With All Your Heart, Mind and Everything You Have) and halfway on the things of the world (money, stuff, things not of God). Those will be the Tribulation Saints, the ones who needed a sign which proves by sight Jehovah God is real, rather than by "Faith" and the Rapture of the Bride of Christ will more than likely be this sign. The one sign which will cause them to wake up, take up their cross daily and follow Christ Jesus! Which is the whole point in this Life, crucify your flesh (worldly desires) daily, nail it to the cross (carry the cross) and follow Jesus (what He says in His Word, the Bible).

Don't Be Left Behind!!!

The Reality of the Dark Days Ahead!

No Reason to Fear, For the Lord God is With You!!!

Always Remember!!
Always Remember!! | Source

Fear Not, Father God is Still With You!!

Whether we are Raptured when Jesus comes to get His Bride or rather we are left behind. It is always better to be in Father Jehovah God's Will, for those who are already seeking His Will and Living for Him. You are ready for the Rapture when Jesus comes and very soon this will be! How Much Time is Left to Prepare? For those, as the Bible mentions whose love for Jesus have grown cold and/or are lukewarm, they will face the days of the Tribulation. Just as the Israeli's were hunted down by the Germans in World War II, put into concentration camps and killed.

This will become the reality of those Christians who are asleep now and haven't discerned the season which is upon us right now. Father God has been warning us, just as the Bible mentions. Signs in the Earth, the Sun, the Moon and in the Stars, what will it take for those Christians, which still sleep to wake up? I know I preferably do not want to go through the Tribulation, however if this is Jehovah God's Will for me. I will go, willingly and without hesitation. All I want is for God the Father and Jesus my Lord to be Glorified in what I do, say, act and write. If going through the Tribulation does this for Him, so be it. Who am I to Question Father God!?! I am but created, He is the Creator. All Things Are For The Glory of Elohim, Father God!!!

The Timing of The Rapture is Quickly Approaching!! Will You Be Ready Before It Happens?!?

Urgent, Come to Jesus Now!

There is no Time Like the Present! Act Now!
There is no Time Like the Present! Act Now! | Source

Come to Jesus, the One Who First Loved Us!!

Come to Jesus Christ, the one who defeated all those things with His very life at the cross. He died so we don't have to and this goes for anyone who comes to Him. Jesus is waiting, will you come to Him; do it today, right now! Jesus is calling you to come, let Him write your name in the Lamb's book of Life in Heaven. Come; accept Him while He can still be found! Confess with your mouth "Jesus is Lord", believe in your Heart that Father Jehovah God Raised Him from the dead and you will be Saved from the Tribulation, the Modern Age of Darkness!!

It's so simple and Jesus will hear you wherever you are, at home, at work, in jail, in the bathroom. Wherever, whenever, we can call upon the name of Jesus Christ; you too can become free of this worldly system and have Life with Him in Heaven!

Be Counted "Worthy" to Escape the Fast Approaching Time of Evil and Darkness Upon the Earth. Don't Wait, Now, “Today” Is The Day For Redemption!

Understanding the Book of Revelation!!

The Creation Story is the Lord God's Story!

Will You Be a Part of It or Against It?
Will You Be a Part of It or Against It? | Source

Whether Now or Later!?!

Come to Jesus now, know Him, Live or Die for Him. The rewards of Heaven, meeting Jesus and the service we do for Him are All Well Worth it. Even in darkness, Jesus can still be found in this life and the new reality of the Tribulation which is just about to take place. Life will become far more difficult, even then Jehovah God will provide for those which Love the Lord Jesus. If you are killed, you are martyred for the Lord Jesus. Either way, it is still far more worth it to be killed for His name. For those who are still asleep... Wake Up Now before the Rapture. Become on Fire for God and Live for Jesus Now, while God's Grace still abounds! Those who are already on Fire for God, Seeking the Father's Will and Living Daily for Jesus are the Bride who will be Raptured when Jesus comes in the Clouds! Glory Hallelujah!!!!

Those Believers who are still in love with this world and the things of this world will be left behind after the Rapture of those ready to meet Jesus now, today, at present before the Rapture. Don't get me wrong, there will still be hope in the days of Tribulation. Life will be extremely different then, the comforts we currently have now as of the Year of 2016, will become a distant memory; a faded past; no longer of any concern. A life for the many Believers, of being on the run, hearing the Trumpets of the Angels of the book of Revelation, witnessing the wrath of God being poured out upon the Earth and being all too aware of the man of sin, the antichrist. The goal of which is to murder, put to death all that refuse his name, do not worship him and will not take his mark.

Whether we are Raptured or go through the Tribulation, Believers will all go to Heaven. People, who choose Jesus at some point in this life, will meet Him, the One who died for all so no one would have to end up in Hell. We will someday meet the Lord Jesus, see Him and behold Him. This is what truly matters. The same goes for the Israeli people, Jehovah God's chosen, the Apple of His Eye. The Tribulation Period is mainly for them; Father God has not forgotten His Original Bride, Israel. Soon you to will know full well that Jesus, Yeshua Hamashiach is Your True Messiah and He always was!

Love to All who Find and Read this Article, I pray it will still be available during the Tribulation Period if this is Father God's Will.


The Revelation of the Dark Days of the Tribulation Period!?!

The Dwelling Place of Jesus!

Dwell There with Jesus!
Dwell There with Jesus! | Source

The Only Two Options!

Either you will accept Jesus Christ, God the Son and be Pulled Out of the Fire. This would allow you to be ready for the Rapture of the Bride of Christ. Or take heed to the warnings, from Father God through floods and fires, the warnings from His watchmen, or articles which expose the "Signs of the Times!" What we all are after is simple, for you to come to the Saving Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and why He is so important, which is Why We Need Jesus!

The other option is not to be ready for the Rapture of the Bride beforehand, be Left Behind to face the man of sin, the antichrist. Putting this Plainly, the devil in the flesh!?! The "World" as a whole does not want to acknowledge the Lord Jesus Christ; they still want to reject Him to this day. However, the "World" still wants a Savior? Since Jehovah knows the "World" has rejected the saving Grace of Jesus Christ, God will give the "World" what it wants... their savior. If anyone rejects Jehovah or Jesus, all they are left with is the devil (Lucifer, Satan). This is exactly what the antichrist will be, the devil in the flesh!?!? The master of our current worldly system of money, man and governments! The dark master will rule this world of sin, corruption and rebellion!

You Will either serve the devil and take his mark and worship him or flee, choose God the Son, the Lord Jesus Christ and become free of this worldly system! These are the only two options, there is no in between, just like Heaven or Hell, Jehovah or the devil. This is it, which option will you choose?

Be Left Behind and Remain Under his Rulership!?!

The dark one Becomes Flesh?! The antichrist!!!
The dark one Becomes Flesh?! The antichrist!!! | Source

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