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The American Poorposted by gmwilliams in Politics and Social Issues39wilderness2 minutes ago
Add your name: Suspend Jared Kushnerposted by ptosis in Politics and Social Issues16Misfit Chick13 minutes ago
Love is hollow without sex & vice versaposted by Castlepaloma in Gender and Relationships21Castlepaloma22 minutes ago
Inner and Outer Bible Meanings - Results in Untruthfulnessposted by Doubting in Religion and Philosophy15wilderness38 minutes ago
What is the nature of God?posted by lovetherain in Religion and Philosophy7jacharless69 minutes ago
Where did people get the idea that religious people are judgements?posted by jackclee lm in Religion and Philosophy26wilderness93 minutes ago
God gave us a conscienceposted by lovetherain in Religion and Philosophy1wilderness94 minutes ago
Yeah, she was asking for it .. (Rape Myths)posted by ptosis in Politics and Social Issues1colorfulone5 hours ago
The word "Muhammad" in the Bible (in Original Hebrew)posted by Ahmad Usman in Religion and Philosophy202GodsDesciple6 hours ago
Is this not political kabuki if it is fake news?posted by ptosis in Politics and Social Issues0ptosis7 hours ago
Trump Is THOR: The god of the common people posted by colorfulone in Politics and Social Issues285colorfulone8 hours ago
What should we do about North Korea?posted by jackclee lm in Politics and Social Issues29Buildreps16 hours ago
Have you created an e-book or self published?posted by TheWritingHub in Books, Literature, and Writing13TheWritingHub21 hours ago
How did ads for Trump’s private club Mar-a-Lago get on Govt websites?posted by Quilligrapher in Politics and Social Issues9GA Anderson24 hours ago
Is Donald Trump going to attack North Korea?posted by Don W in Politics and Social Issues70wilderness25 hours ago
Dork - What does that term mean to you? Are you a dork?posted by Sally's Trove in Books, Literature, and Writing46GalaxyRat26 hours ago
Internet marketing Russian styleposted by ptosis in Politics and Social Issues0ptosis34 hours ago
The Kalam Cosmological Argumentposted by David Bowman in Religion and Philosophy169Live to Learn35 hours ago
Denying Science and History - Why do smart people do that?posted by ptosis in Politics and Social Issues6ptosis36 hours ago
Has anyone had a change of mind about Trump - either way?posted by Misfit Chick in Politics and Social Issues58Live to Learn39 hours ago
How did the dog cross the river without getting wet?posted by richtwf in Books, Literature, and Writing15nisargmehta43 hours ago
Why Do So Many People Hate Jesus and Christianity?posted by The Donkey in Religion and Philosophy209jonnycomelately45 hours ago
Is UC Berkeley going off the rail when it comes to free speech?posted by jackclee lm in Education and Science6colorfulone2 days ago
What do you think of the first 100 days of the Trump Administration?posted by jackclee lm in Politics and Social Issues16wilderness2 days ago
How LONG a period should it be between graduating from college and posted by gmwilliams in Education and Science26psycheskinner2 days ago
First time prep/practiceposted by peterholt110 in Gender and Relationships2Castlepaloma2 days ago
An Atheist's View On Life Vs. A Christian Viewposted by the essayist in Religion and Philosophy242colorfulone2 days ago
When will liberals give up?posted by jackclee lm in Politics and Social Issues157colorfulone2 days ago
Funding 'The Wall'posted by abwilliams in Politics and Social Issues18abwilliams2 days ago
Christians-- Do You Realize Jesus Was not Present at the Creation?posted by celafoe in Religion and Philosophy112Live to Learn2 days ago

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