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Racist kid threw a block at Obamaposted by Onusonus in Politics and Social Issues11Live to Learn18 minutes ago
Border Patrol Checkpoints Inside America's Bordersposted by GA Anderson in Politics and Social Issues25wilderness65 minutes ago
How does the bromance of Trump/Putin possibly play into end times?posted by dianetrotter in Religion and Philosophy201dianetrotter69 minutes ago
Who else remembers a respectable news media In America ?posted by ahorseback in Politics and Social Issues59PhoenixV95 minutes ago
Does any one know the details of the new immigration rules?posted by jackclee lm in Politics and Social Issues0jackclee lm106 minutes ago
To Foreign Hubbers - What are your opinions about President Trump?posted by My Esoteric in Politics and Social Issues109Castlepaloma2 hours ago
"Do you have evidence?"posted by A.Villarasa in Religion and Philosophy2,420A.Villarasa2 hours ago
Did you know the percent of population on medicaid in CA is 30%?posted by jackclee lm in Politics and Social Issues40Will Apse6 hours ago
Will Kicking Immigrants Out of US Hurt Our Economy.posted by My Esoteric in Politics and Social Issues25Castlepaloma6 hours ago
Deep Thinking Required:posted by Kathryn L Hill in Politics and Social Issues31Ken Burgess8 hours ago
Why Dowloading Free Movies is OK and Goodposted by David Trujillo in Entertainment and Media46independentminded9 hours ago
Least favorite movie of all time...?posted by Canklefish in Entertainment and Media40independentminded9 hours ago
Why the country needs whistleblowers and a free mediaposted by Don W in Politics and Social Issues27Jean Bakula18 hours ago
Does anyone realize that the Bible was put together by a council?posted by kittythedreamer in Religion and Philosophy231Jean Bakula18 hours ago
IF IT WAS a Muslim ban ?posted by ahorseback in Politics and Social Issues5ahorseback23 hours ago
So Now, the Press is Enemy of the American People According to Trump?posted by Credence2 in Politics and Social Issues24wilderness23 hours ago
Trump's Tweet on Fake News.posted by peoplepower73 in Politics and Social Issues18MizBejabbers27 hours ago
What will be the impact of President Trump lying in the face of factsposted by dianetrotter in Politics and Social Issues235wilderness28 hours ago
President Obama was named 12th in ranking where Clinton was rated 15thposted by jackclee lm in Politics and Social Issues1jackclee lm32 hours ago
Changing trends of Rock n' Roll over the yearsposted by Souradip Pidaruos in Entertainment and Media2Souradip Pidaruos37 hours ago
Why Has the Press Underreported/Not Reported Terrorist Attacks?posted by Sychophantastic in Politics and Social Issues37crankalicious44 hours ago
President Trump's talks on jobs at the Boeing Plantposted by Prakash RnP in Politics and Social Issues4Oztinato46 hours ago
Obama wastes taxpayers dollars on vacations? how much has Trump wastedposted by Credence2 in Politics and Social Issues12wilderness2 days ago
Christoph Waltz Fine Dialogue Deliveryposted by thirdmillenium in Entertainment and Media0thirdmillenium2 days ago
Is Agent Orange the 'Manchurian candidate?posted by ptosis in Politics and Social Issues2ahorseback2 days ago
Did you just call me a 'pussy communist?"posted by ptosis in Politics and Social Issues6ptosis2 days ago
Did Michael Flynn lie to the FBI?posted by Don W in Politics and Social Issues10Don W2 days ago

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