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Fun quiz: What is the non-gender-specific English word for one cow (or for one bull)?

The plural form for more than one of these animals is “cattle.” Of course, you word sleuths could look it up in Wikipedia. But that would not be sporting, would it? :)

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Tom Ware (Tusitala Tom) says

23 months ago
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Gene Poschman (gposchman) says

23 months ago
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Alan Robert Lancaster (alancaster149) says

23 months ago
  • alancaster149 profile image

    Alan Robert Lancaster (alancaster149) 23 months ago

    'Bovine' is the adjective, or nature of cattle, 'kine' is the archaic plural still in use

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Larry Fields says

23 months ago
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John Connor (connorj) says

23 months ago
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Nadia Ribadu says

23 months ago
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Dr. Arthur Ide says

23 months ago
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teamrn says

23 months ago
  • Nadia Ribadu profile image

    Nadia Ribadu 23 months ago

    Not "sow," because it refers--especially derogatorily these days, to a female swine. I think the questioner said NON-gender words. Besides, I don't think a sow is bovine but porcine.