Putting Your Life Back Together After A Breakup.

Is There Life After A Breakup?

Things come to an end. Putting Your Life Back Together After A Breakup is Just one step in the healing process, there is also an end to your sorrow and depression. Broken hearts don't remain broken forever. People bounce back, they move on and find new relationships.

It won't be the easiest thing for you to do. This is particularly true if the relationship was long, the longer your relationship was, the more painful it would be to break up, because the memories will slowly eat your resolve. It will be difficult for you to eat or sleep. All you want to do is to mope around all day and just feel sorry for yourself. You will have little interest in just about everything for a while.

It's very common to stop doing the things that you enjoy. This is actually misfortunate since those are the activities that will help you in the healing process. Some people, are human dynamos. Instead of moping around, they get by burying themselves in work and keeping themselves so busy they don't have time to think about what just happened.

It doesn't matter how you manage your situation, only one thing is for sure. Putting Your Life Back Together After A Breakup will happen! Life carries on. You need to start living again. You deserve to be happy again and get another shot at love.

Try starting a hobby... This will help you block out the past and speed up the healing. This will give you new interests to concentrate on, which can help fill the void in your life. Try to think back of all the things that you wanted to do before but never got around to doing. Were you curious about the arts? How's about dance class? This is the perfect time to begin a new hobby or activity.


Volunteering... is a fantastic means of dealing with our troubles. Now that you have some free time, why not volunteer in one of your favorite institutions, I had a friend that was going through "hell" after a hard breakup...She volunteered at a animal shelter...that was the greatest think that ever happened to her. Animals love you unconditionally! Do some community service. Join a fund-raising campaign and help out. This is a great way to start living again and interacting with other people.


Take that long awaited trip...A different scene is often very effective in helping people cope with a break-up. This is particularly true if the place you're living in is full of memories that are still painful. Travel around. You don’t need to go very far. Living in fresh surroundings will help you to focus on the present rather than dwell in the past.

The first step to... Putting Your Life Back Together After A Breakup is learning how to change the way you look at the past. Two vital things that you need to understand are...

>>> The Danger of Healing in Your Own Time!

>>> And...Why You Can’t Afford To Waste ANY more Time!


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IntimatEvolution profile image

IntimatEvolution 6 years ago from Columbia, MO USA

Sending out a tweet for you. Great hub. You're right, starting a new hobby or an adventure, is a great way to forget about the past.

Amanda 5 years ago

I don't think you should ever start doing something just so that you can forget about the past. If the relationship didn't work out, then take some time to learn from it. See what went wrong or remember why the relationship didn't work out. It only hurts because the emotional attachment has been broken. But if the relationship didn't work out, then it was probably for the better and wasn't meant to be. You can use your past relationships as stepping stones. It's okay to take up a hobby and learn what makes you happy, just as long as you don't use it to completely forget.

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