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  • The Sound Un/signed Collective - The Best In The West

    The Sound Un/signed Collective - The Best In The West

    10 years ago

    This is the definitive list of established up and coming rock acts and singer songwriters to come out from the West of Ireland.

  • Album Review - 'Dutch Buffalo' by Race The Flux

    Album Review - 'Dutch Buffalo' by Race The Flux

    10 years ago

    A review of Race The Flux's long awaited first album 'Dutch Buffalo'... and the west of Ireland rockers do not disappoint.

  • The Spirit of Voice Festival 2012 Reviews - An Taibhdhearc Theatre

    The Spirit of Voice Festival 2012 Reviews - An Taibhdhearc Theatre

    11 years ago

    The Spirit of Voice festival began this evening, bringing in a range of singers from all across the land, covering different musical styles that blended together seamlessly, styles that included folk, traditional and Sean nos, with touches of grunge...

  • ADRIAN: A Comprehensive Guide to The Name Made Famous by Rocky

    ADRIAN: A Comprehensive Guide to The Name Made Famous by Rocky

    11 years ago

    A Painting by renowned artist Adrian Ghenie Adrian!!! Yo Adrian!!!! I'm sure there are many men with the English equivalent of this fascinating name who cringe upon hearing it when it is called out to them on the street. Whatever possessed...

  • Hello...My Name is...

    Hello...My Name is...

    11 years ago

    I heard tonight that the main street in Galway City was cobbled the wrong way! The cobblestone was brought in from China, and the Galwegian Stonemasons put it in upside down.... I hail from a place called 'Achill Island''s an Island off the...

  • Guinness Bugs

    Guinness Bugs

    11 years ago

    I wake up The bugs crawled around me I kick them off Whiskey, Whiskey Whiskey is the way to go I smell passion fruit I smell apple I smell strawberry I smell the back of your neck I smell your tattoos Diane, Irene, Stephanie,...

  • Album Review - 'Arcadia' by Ka Tet

    Album Review - 'Arcadia' by Ka Tet

    9 years ago

    Ka Tet, The Galway alternative rock trio, release their highly impressive debut album onto the eagerly awaiting listening public.

  • Scientology and the Rise of ‘Anonymous’.

    Scientology and the Rise of ‘Anonymous’.

    12 years ago

    So what the hell is Scientology? what the hell is S.P. and P.T.S? Who is Xenu and why did he blow up aliens in volcanoes? It's all a bit mad this Scientology mallarky... For the past couple of years, I’ve been curious about how Scientology works...

  • The Purge of my Atlantic - A Poem

    The Purge of my Atlantic - A Poem

    12 years ago

    Have I dumped my soul, out of my hole, and left the raging waves inside me, Have I left my head, out of my head, and let the conflict still move on, Have I let my life, duel with strife, and leave me upside down, Have I dumped my soul, out of...

  • The Funniest 'Father Ted' Moments

    The Funniest 'Father Ted' Moments

    12 years ago 'Father Ted' is the greatest sitcom ever produced on television. That remark seems quite biest coming from an Irish man, but there has never been a show that has me in knots laughing quite like this one. For anybody who is...

  • The Doppelganger Syndrome

    The Doppelganger Syndrome

    12 years ago

    Everybody has it…everybody suffers from it…everybody can relate to this article…it is a common fact in our lives that when we walk down the street…we stop dead in our tracks when we see a person who resembles somebody we know…or a...

  • 5

    The Playboy and the Yellow Lady

    11 years ago

    Never has there been a story in 19th century Irish history that has captured the hearts, minds, and imaginations more than that of Agnes MacDonnell and James Lynchehaun, more famously known as ‘The Playboy and the Yellow Lady.’ A story so...

  • 56

    Common Irish Slang

    10 years ago

    A comprehensive guide to slang words used in modern Ireland

  • The Horrors of Man Flu

    The Horrors of Man Flu

    12 years ago

    Man flu, an illness known to women as the common cold, an illness so devastating it can leave a man helpless, lying on the couch in his dressing gown, moaning for chicken soup and some TLC, wincing as agonizing flu pains rack his head and body. He...

  • Ode to my Imagination

    Ode to my Imagination

    12 years ago

    My imagination runs like a dog on the beach, shnuffling his nose in the sand and coming up with twinkling eyes and a bad coat, sneezing like there's no tomorrow... I write from my dream last night invloved crawling through the swamp in...

  • Forget Me Not - A Short Story

    Forget Me Not - A Short Story

    12 years ago

    Cal sat under the large oak tree, a picnic basket spread out on the ground beside him. Looking around him, he felt at peace in his surroundings, the tall enclosing forest spun off large cobwebbed shadows from the trees onto the ground, making him...

  • The Jug O' Nails

    The Jug O' Nails

    12 years ago

    She struts into the smoky bar, with her blonde hair and high graces, taking her place on the usual barstool at the usual time… Every Saturday night, where the night jazz howls and the bourbon drips in the cavern of the Jug O’ Nails, she sits...

  • Songs for the Twilight

    Songs for the Twilight

    12 years ago

    It's half past one in the morning and sleep has once again eluded me. Normally when this happens, music fills the night and the singers and songs entertain me until I eventually drift off. Tonight I'm still energetic...I got to keep my mind...

  • Relax...It's Not The End of The World...

    Relax...It's Not The End of The World...

    12 years ago

    This hub is my insight into my never ending train of thought. Like the stream of consciousness that James Joyce deployed in his work, I’m going to do the very same for this hub, because I feel that at times my brain won’t shut up. In the space...

  • The Republic of Ireland in Euro 2012

    The Republic of Ireland in Euro 2012

    11 years ago

    For the first time in 10 years, the boys in green have qualified for the finals of a major tournament. In June of 2012, thousands of Irish people will be flocking to Poland to see their nations pride go into battle with the likes of Croatia, Italy...

  • David Eugene Edwards - The Voice of Gothic Americana

    David Eugene Edwards - The Voice of Gothic Americana

    12 years ago

    In modern society, music has taken on many more forms and genres than that of 50 years ago. One man has seemed to have graced all of these genres at once. His music is described as folk, rock, gothic country, gypsy, gospel, bluegrass…He has no...

  • Just a Few Haikus

    Just a Few Haikus

    12 years ago

    THE DANCING MONKS The making of wine, The rabble of monks laughter, Under the brown trees... PLOUGHING THROUGH THE SNOW Make believe is fine, The thought of reality, Can snow your conscience... HAPPINESS IS A WARM PEN ...

  • How To Overcome Acne

    How To Overcome Acne

    12 years ago

    Acne is a common skin disease affecting 7 out of 10 young adults around the world. Besides its physical disadvantages, the condition can often leave even greater psychological damage on the sufferer; these include feelings of despair, loneliness,...

  • Top 5 Film & Television Memorabilia Items

    Top 5 Film & Television Memorabilia Items

    12 years ago

    Have you ever seen a movie that you thought had a cool gadget, weapon, article of clothing or strange object that has gone down in Film and Television folklore? As a kid did you ever dream of having your own Flux Capacitor? Are you a film...

  • Ketamine Abuse and The Dangers Associated With it

    Ketamine Abuse and The Dangers Associated With it

    12 years ago

    Ketamine is a veterinarian tranquiliser most commonly used on horses for operations; the drug is also used in stabilised proportions in paediatric medicine to help relieve pain along with having conclusive results in the treatment of anti depression...

  • The Amazing Achill Island

    The Amazing Achill Island

    12 years ago

    Achill Island is situated off the west coast of Ireland, just nestling off County Mayo. I grew up there, every day I have witnessed sights and views that have blown my mind, views that have stirred the creative energy in me, and made me appreciate...

  • Dolores O' Riordan - The Queen Of Irish Rock

    Dolores O' Riordan - The Queen Of Irish Rock

    12 years ago

    Ireland has always been referred to in the feminine tense, from the days of mythology right up to its present scholars. If she could choose a voice to sing her history, she would choose Dolores O’ Riordan’s amazing, Amazonian, primal, banshee...

  • Rory Gallagher - A Tribute to The King of Blues Rock

    Rory Gallagher - A Tribute to The King of Blues Rock

    9 years ago

    An insightful article into the life and music of Irish rock star Rory Gallagher, otherwise known as 'The King of Blues Rock'


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