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  • Movie Review: Men, Women and Children

    Movie Review: Men, Women and Children

    5 years ago

    This Jason Reitman movie is a poignant satire showcasing the lives we are living and draws a vivid colorful picture of the world that is slowly losing the demarcation between what is real and virtual.

  • Gone Girl: Dark and Sumptuous

    Gone Girl: Dark and Sumptuous

    5 years ago

    Great acting, excellent direction and a visual delight, Gone Girl is a thriller and suspense that makes us love it and yet mocks at us, as it hoodwinks while we are looking somewhere else.

  • Indian Mythology: Sage Jamadagni

    Indian Mythology: Sage Jamadagni

    5 years ago

    The most hot tempered sage of the ancient times and father of Lord Parashurama, Jamadagni encompasses the astounding stories that mark the ancient Indian subcontinent

  • Immortals of Indian Mythology: Sage Vyas

    Immortals of Indian Mythology: Sage Vyas

    5 years ago

    Vyasa, a great teacher and one of the Saptarishis(Seven great sages). A Chiranjeevi(immortal), Apantaratmas(All knower) & extremely learned person. His work resounds in the character of Indian psyche

  • Half Nelson: Movie Review

    Half Nelson: Movie Review

    5 years ago

    Half Nelson is a painfully slow movie and even though there is nothing wrong with it, you can't help but wish you had invested your time somewhere else.

  • The Immortals of Hindu Mythology: Chiranjeevi

    The Immortals of Hindu Mythology: Chiranjeevi

    19 months ago

    Chiranjeevi were the immortals of the Hindu mythology. There are seven commonly accepted "Chiranjeevi" or immortals namely: Ashwatthama, Lord Hanuman, Bali, Kripa, Lord Parashurama, Vibhishana, Vyasa.

  • Ruby Sparks: Movie Review

    Ruby Sparks: Movie Review

    7 years ago

    Movie takes the concept of writer's block to the next level where we start questioning our reasoning about what is real or fiction & what is normal or crazy. It is about the time when dreams come true

  • Red Riding Hood: Not a Folktale for Kids

    Red Riding Hood: Not a Folktale for Kids

    7 years ago

    The classic folktale that is surely here to stay in its darkest version by far manages to live to its fame while pulling off a dark tone that was unprecedented.

  • Hobbit: Lion back in its Lair

    Hobbit: Lion back in its Lair

    7 years ago

    Peter Jackson pulls another stunner and adages a new generation of characters to the already wonderful list. The movie is simple, sweet, entertaining and adventurous and has left little to the imagination of the book and movie lovers. The movie is nothing short of exemplary and deserves an...

  • Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day Movie Review

    Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day Movie Review

    7 years ago

    An inspiring tale in the life of Guinevere Pettigrew as we see her life change in a span of twenty four hours. With smart and witty dialogues and meaningful scenes, this comedy is over in a jiffy giving us a pleasant sense of optimism.

  • Four Rooms - The Least Known Tarantino Movie

    Four Rooms - The Least Known Tarantino Movie

    7 years ago

    The least known of Quentin Tarantino movie is an anthology of four chapters(by four directors) on a New Year's night in Mon Signor Hotel in the life of Ted, the bellhop who is serving his first night there. And surely the night he will never forget. The movie is an outright brain chiller.

  • Friends With Money Movie Review

    Friends With Money Movie Review

    7 years ago

    A movie about friendship, money and how they affect each other. About the nature of relationships and about the influences that people have on our lives.

  • Green Lantern Movie Review

    Green Lantern Movie Review

    19 months ago

    Green Lantern fails to make it BIG and is just a normal entertainer with some good screen effects. But true fans always watch the movie no matter what others say and eventually decide whether they hate or love it. So little matters really how the movie is.

  • Reign Over Me Movie Review

    Reign Over Me Movie Review

    7 years ago

    It is a heartwarming tale of Charlie, who has lost his family in the September Eleven attacks and his friend of college, Alan who meets him after years and how he tries to draw Charlie out of his loneliness and sorrow. The movie is about friendship, love, life and death and all that it takes to...

  • I Heart Huckabees Movie Review

    I Heart Huckabees Movie Review

    7 years ago

    I Heart Huckabees is a comedy about Albert and Tommy and their two detectives who try to solve their existential problems by figuring out whats really in their minds and thus achieve their particular goals. With a heavy starcast, Huckabees does not provide the grandness it could have, yet manages...

  • Mighty Aphrodite Movie Review

    Mighty Aphrodite Movie Review

    7 years ago

    Mighty Aphrodite is the story of an ordinary couple who adopt a brilliant son and the mother to that child who turns out to be a prostitute. This is a classic Woody Allen movie with excellent academy award winning role by Mira Sorvino. The movie is witty, funny yet ironically sensitive.

  • Horrible Bosses Movie Review

    Horrible Bosses Movie Review

    7 years ago

    Horrible Bosses is a cliched comedy on an unconventional and new topic that does not set milestones but meets the standards of a good pop corn film. With good star cast and little expectations, this movie does the trick of pleasing the viewer where he is not expecting much from the movie.

  • Indian Mythology: Ice Age

    Indian Mythology: Ice Age

    19 months ago

    This hub is about the changes and facts about the Indian subcontinent during the last Ice Age which spanned from around 20000 BC to its peak and subsequent decline around 8000 BC.

  • Think you know Red Bull

    Think you know Red Bull

    19 months ago

    What you know but dont really know about the most popular energy drink in the world. With over 4.5 billion cans sold each year, Red Bull has become the drink of our generation.

  • Foodlife in Pune

    Foodlife in Pune

    7 years ago

    The hub is a brochure for good food spots in Pune that have grown with time and are very popular among tourists and Puneites alike, This does not mention any of the so called "Chain restaurants" or the typical restaurant but highlights what makes this city unique or how they are unique to this...

  • Indian Mythology: The Seven Great Sages or Saptarishis

    Indian Mythology: The Seven Great Sages or Saptarishis

    5 years ago

    The Indian mythology is enigmatic but has always found references with real world objects and places.The seven sages or "Saptarishis" are the "Big Dipper" and like everything else in Indian mythology, each sage has a story that may sound hypothetical but also mesmerizing. I have just covered the...

  • Immortals of Indian Mythology: Parashurama

    Immortals of Indian Mythology: Parashurama

    5 years ago

    Powerful character in Indian mythology and an immortal incarnation of Lord Vishnu, supreme Hindu God. Parashurama travelled earth 21 times and has stories linked to Mahabharata and Ramayana.


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