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    Your Guide to Watching and Analyzing the First Presidential Debate or How to Get Drunk Really Fast

    6 years ago

  • Supermoon Cinquain

    Supermoon Cinquain

    10 years ago

    Saturns' Rings shine tonight With the super moon bright Celestial treasures above- Delight

  • Excuses, Excuses...Or Why I Haven't Published Lately

    Excuses, Excuses...Or Why I Haven't Published Lately

    10 years ago

    Sometimes things change, causing me to stop writing altogether at one point several years ago, and then recently causing me to start again. Though that is exactly what this whole thing is about, starting over as designated by statement on my...

  • They Didn't Make that When I Was a Kid.....or the Adventures of Riding Rody

    They Didn't Make that When I Was a Kid.....or the Adventures of Riding Rody

    11 years ago

    I have never really grown up in some ways, as many men I suppose. I still like to play with toys. I find it amazing how toys progress, leaving me wishing for eternal youth for summers of fun and Christmases of toys under the tree forever. Sure, my...

  • Bully Nation U.S.A....Bullies are Everywhere

    Bully Nation U.S.A....Bullies are Everywhere

    11 years ago

    Bullies - that small minority that makes life rough for the rest of us. Wrong. Most of us are bullies or have been at one time or another. You need not be physical to pick on someone, there are idealistic and political bullies everywhere who want to...

  • Creating Frankenstein Now Possible in Your Neighbors' Garage

    Creating Frankenstein Now Possible in Your Neighbors' Garage

    11 years ago

    When Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein nearly 200 years ago - before DNA, or even the basic proteins that are the building blocks of life - was discovered, she envisioned an attempt by man to play God and questioned the ethics. The basis was...

  • That Hummingbird is not What it Seems....Drones Coming to Your Backyard

    That Hummingbird is not What it Seems....Drones Coming to Your Backyard

    11 years ago

    It was announced today on CNN that drones will soon be flying over our nation’s skies (a link to the story is at the end), which I already knew, but the numbers and who would be flying these drones are what I found shocking. The FAA, the...

  • Do You Know What Today Is?.....

    Do You Know What Today Is?.....

    11 years ago

    National Ice Cream for Breakfast Day, my first thought was “is this real”, and then of taking the granddaughters out for breakfast at an ice cream and donut shop nearby. Then came the hard realization, wasn’t there already a National Ice...

  • Haiku of Days Passed

    Haiku of Days Passed

    11 years ago

    Imagined beauty Among tall steel and concrete- A long time ago

  • Muggy Haiku

    Muggy Haiku

    11 years ago

    Rancid evening air Makes your skin feel real soggy- Like a wet cornflake

  • Hacking Away...Your Information is Not Secure

    Hacking Away...Your Information is Not Secure

    11 years ago

    Information is no longer kept in locked cabinets that require physical presence to remove or view them. Pretty much everything these days is stored digitally and accessible to anyone, anywhere with the right system and authority. So they say. ...

  • Lonley Night

    Lonley Night

    11 years ago

    I think- Everything is wrong, The end is near, What have I done wrong, When will you be near? I kick- Insomnia out of my bed, Blankets off tireless thoughts, My legs up in frustration, Different wishes around my head. I feel- Depression in my...

  • Rain is Coming

    Rain is Coming

    11 years ago

    The rain is coming! Loud roars signal it's approach Water making it's mark

  • Cold Breath

    Cold Breath

    11 years ago

    Heavy condensed air Taken into my lungs- Warmed by the Circulating blood of My pumping heart. Only to be chilled Again upon it's exit.

  • Fishing with Kids...or No Limit on Fun

    Fishing with Kids...or No Limit on Fun

    11 years ago

    I recently took my 5 year old granddaughter on our 3rd annual fishing outing together. We enjoyed the day at one of the trout parks in Missouri and enjoyed the day fishing, picnicking and visiting the hatchery. It is another tradition I find...

  • Snowflake Haiku

    Snowflake Haiku

    11 years ago

    A crystalline flake Falls upon my window pane Fading to a drop phdast7 - thank you, Reflective of my focused, serene mood that day A lovely Haiku. Somehow calmig as well. Very nice work. Ruby - thank you. A moment from a snow with temps just...

  • Raindrop Haiku

    Raindrop Haiku

    11 years ago

    Free falling droplet Falls upon my chilly skin- Shivers down my spine actually this is more af an Americanized version of Haiku, traditional Japanese Haiku is not the same. I also enjoy Cinquain 2-4-6-8-2 syllable scheme and is considered the...

  • Winter Fireworks

    Winter Fireworks

    11 years ago

    Cold New Year's air bite Dazzling fireworks delight Warming hearts inside thank you again Another nice one.

  • Fasting To Stay Healthy....or an Ode to Donuts

    Fasting To Stay Healthy....or an Ode to Donuts

    11 years ago

    Probably the last one on food for a while I am now fasting, just started this morning. There is no great political motivation or attention deserving problem I am trying to point out, I am just hoping to live longer by not eating since I have...

  • Love is Rare

    Love is Rare

    11 years ago

    This is a post I put out on my Facebook page on Valentine's Day to share with my friends before I started posting on Hub. As many of you enjoy my writing and are becoming friends I thought I would share with you as well. Love is rare. Most of us go...

  • Winter Night Haiku

    Winter Night Haiku

    11 years ago

    Chilly winter night Spent consuming cozy warmth By wood eating flames Dream on - thank you I feel like I am there. Thank you, I enjoy writing and reading Haiku Up, awesome, and beautiful. I'm happy to discover another Haiku'er. Looking...

  • My Imagination

    My Imagination

    11 years ago

    Am I touching your Essence or just My vivid imagination? Am I really seeing you Or just an illusion of My overactive imagination? Do I really feel your presence Or is it just the breeze which Misleads my one-track imagination? Thank you...

  • Being Grandpa....or A.K.A. You're Getting Old, Rob

    Being Grandpa....or A.K.A. You're Getting Old, Rob

    11 years ago

    I guess this is what mid-life crisis is all about, realizing you are getting old, and am, as my five-year old granddaughter put it to me last year on our fishing outing, “old and going to die soon”. Well, I hope 47 is not that old - since I am...

  • Cloud Haiku

    Cloud Haiku

    11 years ago

    Gray shadows above Cast their dim reflection on The deep dark water You're welcome. Thank you Phoebe A beautiful poem.

  • Raining Cinquain

    Raining Cinquain

    11 years ago

    Water Piling atop Itelf, rapidly pooling To the beat of the thunderous Rythm. Thank you, and will remember to spell check on those quick little outputs - tend to go too fast sometimes from brain to paper to computer sometimes. I love Cinquain,...

  • Fireworks Haiku

    Fireworks Haiku

    11 years ago

    Colorful arrays Bursting constantly overhead Pleasing crowds below Good start.

  • The Chocolate Crisis...........or a Husband's Dilemma

    The Chocolate Crisis...........or a Husband's Dilemma

    11 years ago

    On Valentine’s Day, shortly before my wife was to get her flowers and truffles, I was reading my February issue of Scientific American which featured an article on the Cocoa tree, which is the source of every single bean that eventually becomes...

  • Counting Drops

    Counting Drops

    11 years ago

    Counting the raindrops As they fall The rythm never stops As every drops number I call Blackened sky let them fall Let the myriads of drops continue Drops on the ground crawl Having been counted they are through Surely no one could have expected...

  • Fog Prose

    Fog Prose

    11 years ago

    Mysterious shroud Veiling the earth Gently blanketing all, Cloaking the grass, The hills and trees, Vision Obstructed Dense white everywhere Hides all but the closest Completely from view Diana Lee - thank you, I am glad you enjoyed it Good...

  • Lightning Haiku

    Lightning Haiku

    11 years ago

    Brilliant Energy Striking the earth randomly Leaving scorched remains savanahl - that is why I like Haiku and Cinquain, both allow you to focus everything into a short punch, like advertising A moment in time so beautifully captured. I love Haiku....

  • Nature Show

    Nature Show

    11 years ago

    Light subtley grows brighter Rising to the top of the stage The scene is illuminated fully And the props reveal their colors A breeze blows- And on Cue The trees begin to dance The trees dance Swaying merrily left to right In perfect time ...

  • In Defense of Orange...........or How to Make a Perfect Orange

    In Defense of Orange...........or How to Make a Perfect Orange

    11 years ago

    Orange! Okay, so my favorite color is Orange. I remember once when a friend had the audacity to challenge my choice of colors by asking, “What do you mean by orange, Rob?” This was from a man whom I thought had a very high IQ, asking me a...

  • Fall of the Sky

    Fall of the Sky

    11 years ago

    A hynotic sea of blue nicely Reflects the morning sky. Serene, yet penetrating The sky shows off the Bright yellow sun Climbing patiently Higher to the sky Carrying us our day Rolling in from the west Armies of the skies Converge their troops To...

  • Music Day

    Music Day

    11 years ago

    Several years ago, partly out of frustration and partly out of desire to change the pattern of TV and computers all the time, I declared Saturday to be Music Day. Well, at least for me. The TV goes off between 9-10 am and stays off until at least...

  • Racing Haiku

    Racing Haiku

    11 years ago

    Circling machines Race hastily to finish Victory in eye Thaks Jools99 Enjoyed this ! Again - thank you again up and awesome

  • Winter Haiku

    Winter Haiku

    11 years ago

    Frigid ashen sky- An invisible wind slaps Hard against red cheeks Thank you Gypsy Very descriptive haiku, well done! I have found that red cheeks are an element of winter LOL Nice poem. I love the way you switched the focus for the elements of...

  • Leaf Cinquain

    Leaf Cinquain

    11 years ago

    Gently Gliding down to Earth, bright colors exposed In death. Laying, till final fate- The rake Thank you, and yes I love Cinquain Another Cinquain writer. I love it. The Cinquain is so awesome especially the last 2 lines going from 8 to 2 creates...

  • Fifteen Minues After Three

    Fifteen Minues After Three

    11 years ago

    Fifteen minutes after three. I look out beyond The neatly patterened homes Into the cold blue-gray background. A pine sways slightly, Alone - Against the empty background. Stillness is abundant- Leaveless trees stand rigidly In the bitter bite of...

  • The Frosted Flakes Fiasco....or the Proposed Ban on Sugar

    The Frosted Flakes Fiasco....or the Proposed Ban on Sugar

    11 years ago

    A couple of weeks ago, wanting a change of my sugary cereals, I grabbed a familiar box of Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes off the shelf with sugar filled memories of Tony the Tiger commercials from my youth buzzing through my head noting that...

  • Manufacturing Killers

    Manufacturing Killers

    11 years ago

    No motive, no crime scene, witnesses, DNA or a blood stained weapon. The only evidence is a few test results and circumstantial evidence. Many times common sense seems to have the answer, but has no proof. These are things that may kill us. These...

  • 2011 Reveals Secret Military Technology

    2011 Reveals Secret Military Technology

    11 years ago

    The recent downing of a drone in Iran, and confirmation of stealth helicopters used in taking out Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan, come as no surprise in this day and age. What is new to us is actually yesterday's technology in many cases with the...


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