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  • The Creative Garden With How To's

    The Creative Garden With How To's

    7 years ago

    I love walking through a beautiful garden. A garden full of Heavenly smells, awesome sights and wonderful sounds. I am especially fond of visiting gardens where the gardener has used unusual items to create a sense of creativity or whimsy.

  • The Best Quiche Elegante Recipe

    The Best Quiche Elegante Recipe

    8 years ago

    Quiche Elegante is a very rich and superior recipe, that you are sure to enjoy.

  • Chives Growing And Cooking

    Chives Growing And Cooking

    7 years ago

    Chives (Allium schoenoprasums) is a small, clump forming perrenial a relative of the onion. Its leaves are grass~like in appearance, long, slender and hollow. Unlike other herbs, chives are best used fresh.

  • Oregano The Pizza Herb

    Oregano The Pizza Herb

    8 years ago

    In some areas, oregano is known as the pizza herb. Oregano has oval leaves and the flowers are shades of pink to purple.The leaves of the oregano make for a fine flavoring in spicy foods.

  • Home Grown Herbs

    Home Grown Herbs

    7 years ago

    Herbs grown at home can spice up your cooking When planting fragrant herbs in an indoor container garden, the indoor plants will need basically the same conditions as herbs grown outdoors.

  • Dill Fresh And Dried

    Dill Fresh And Dried

    7 years ago

    Dill is an Herb that often is referred to as dill weed, so as not to be confused with dill seed. Dill weed is most often used when cooking fish, and Dill seed is used when canning or pickling.

  • 1

    Knit Ponchos Free Patterns

    8 years ago

    Ponchos are now created not only for warmth but as a fashion statement. The shape remains the same, but is now made of different materials. Often they are made of wool or other types of yarn and they are either knitted or crocheted.

  • Thyme For Herbs

    Thyme For Herbs

    7 years ago

    Thyme is available in many varieties but all need room to spread. Use the leaves and stems of the low growing ground cover, the leaves can be used either fresh or dried, in a large variety of dishes, some of these include meat stews and stuffing's.

  • Lemon Balm Fresh From The Garden

    Lemon Balm Fresh From The Garden

    7 years ago

    Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis) Is a lemon flavored perennial from the mint family. It is a versatile herb that cooks love.

  • Basil Fresh From The Garden

    Basil Fresh From The Garden

    7 years ago

    Basil leaves are good in salads and add zest to any tomato dish. It has a rich, slightly spicy flavor with mild hints of mint and cloves.

  • Rosemary And Its Many Uses

    Rosemary And Its Many Uses

    7 years ago

    Rosemary is a perennial herb. It has needle- like leaves that grow on a woody stem and branches..Rosemary has many culinary uses. The leaves are used to flavor various foods, such as stuffing's and roast meats.

  • Spring Into Cleaning

    Spring Into Cleaning

    7 years ago

    I just seem to come alive in the spring. I have more energy, everything outdoors is blooming and looking beautiful, And I want that look on the inside of my house..I want all the windows clean so I can better see the beauty outside..But mainly I want all the germs and yuck from the colds and flu...

  • How I make Hot Cross Buns

    How I make Hot Cross Buns

    7 years ago

    A Hot Cross Bun is a sweet bun that is made using raisins or currants. The top of the bun is marked with a cross that is made from icing.

  • Knit A Scarf Free Patterns

    Knit A Scarf Free Patterns

    7 years ago

    Scarves can be and are worn in every season, Spring, summer, fall and winter. They can be worn for warmth or as a fashion statement..

  • Ambrosia The Food Of The gods Recipe

    Ambrosia The Food Of The gods Recipe

    7 years ago

    In ancient Greek mythology, it is often referred to as the food of the Greek god. In Olympus it was was brought to the gods by doves.

  • 1

    American Girl Dolls and 18 Inch Dolls Free Knitting Patterns

    7 years ago

    American Girl dolls are extremely popular. Having an American Girl doll means needing several outfits. You want your doll to look amazing with unique and stylish clothes. But the cost of those outfits can be high. Knitted clothes will enable you to have many different outfits for your doll and...

  • 3

    Crochet Afghans and Throws Free Patterns

    8 years ago

    Crocheted afghans and throws are used as great gifts, to decorate sofas, chairs, and to keep warm while reclining on the sofa or resting in a chair. They can be made for any season; light lacey ones to denser ones. Afghans and throws can be created with lovely patterns and many different colors and...

  • 2

    Perk Up The Kitchen With Herb Plants: Design Inspiration

    8 years ago

    There are many ways to add herb plants to a kitchen. Herb pots on window sills, on counter tops, on shelves, and vertical. Indoor herb plants are an attractive addition to a kitchen. They add charm and greenery to your home that can brighten up and create an interesting kitchen space at a low cost...

  • Perk Up The Indoors With Easy To Grow Herb Plants

    Perk Up The Indoors With Easy To Grow Herb Plants

    7 years ago

    Indoor herb gardens provide herbs for your cooking and bring fresh produce to your table year-round. Many herbs used for cooking are easy to grow and don't require a lot of space or care. Fortunately it is easy to grow herbs in a kitchen, even a tiny kitchen.

  • Younger Eyes

    Younger Eyes

    7 years ago

    With aging skin loses elasticity. The skin around our eyes is the most noticeable area of aging. Upper eyelids 'droop' causing an older and tired look. Many of us need extra help in the fragile and delicate eye area as we age. Eyelid surgery is costly with potential complications. What are the...

  • Cranberry Nut Bread Recipe

    Cranberry Nut Bread Recipe

    7 years ago

    Cranberry Nut Bread is baking now, it smells so good. There is nothing better than fresh baked sweet bread with my favorite cup of tea.

  • 12

    Sugared Fruit Craft Recipe

    7 years ago

    Beautiful to look at and wonderful to serve, sugared fruit creates an elegant centerpiece to adorn any holiday table. Each and every piece of fruit is sugared and then arranged gently, creating the feeling of seasonal abundance

  • Perk Up The Indoors With Potted Plants And Refresh Indoor Air

    Perk Up The Indoors With Potted Plants And Refresh Indoor Air

    7 years ago

    Bring into your home some of the summer beauty of nature to enjoy all year with potted plants. Add freshness and ambiance to your home’s interior with potted plants. You can find plant pots and plants that go with any furniture design and room style. Indoor potted plants can be a variety of sizes...

  • 9

    American Girl Dolls and 18 Inch Doll Clothes Free Crochet Patterns

    7 years ago

    Free American Girl Crochet Doll Clothes Patterns. Doll clothes can be expensive to purchase. If you can crochet a granny square you can make a variety of doll clothes.

  • 2

    Perk Up Your Home With Photos: Design Inspiration

    7 years ago

    Add a Wow factor by incorporating photos into your home decor. Home decor is more than just furniture. Add style and sophistication to your home with photos. Define rooms in your home with a stylish display of photos. Show off your family photos in a variety of frames and layouts throughout your...

  • 9

    Perk Up The Indoors With Air Plants: Air Plant Design Inspiration

    8 years ago

    Air plants are beautiful, easy to care for, needing no soil only bright indirect light and water to survive, a very versatile plant to arrange and style in any area of your home. An air plant is a plant that thrives almost anywhere so you can get super creative with it: upside down, hanging off...

  • South Of The Border Avocado Salsa Recipe

    South Of The Border Avocado Salsa Recipe

    7 years ago

    This Avocado Salsa recipe is always a success with people. Combine the flavors or red pepper, avocado, onion, and corn to create a tasty south of the border dish. Use it as a side side or a snack dish, top your tacos with it, or scoop it up with tortilla chips. Many ways to enjoy and eat this...


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