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Cat Food Recipes - 6 Essentials Needs Your Cat Must Have.

Updated on May 2, 2011

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What's In Your Cat Food Recipes?

Cats need a definite proportion of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, fresh water, minerals and vitamins in their day-to-day food. Having really good Cat Food Recipes It is up to you to provide for that mix in order for your cat to stay healthy and thrive.

Cat Food Recipes...The 6 Essentials Your Cat Needs!

>>> The First Is...Cats require protein for durability and strength. They're used for development and for restoring their body and besides supply your cat with vigor when metabolized. The quantity of protein required depends with the age of your cat. Kittens need a diet that supplies approximately 50% of protein where as 30% is OK for adult cats. Senior cats need less as they're often less active and the liver and kidneys are to a lesser extent less efficient in removing the toxic by-products created in the breaking down process.

>>> The Second Is...Carbohydrates which are the major supplier of vigor for just about all animals, including your cat. They're a much more inexpensive energy source than protein which is how come there are great amounts in a lot of commercial cat foods. All the same, your cat can survive without them as there are very little carbohydrates in the foods they hunt themselves such as mice. Carbohydrates are as well a excellent source of fiber which supplies bulk in the feces.

>>> Thirdly...Fats are crucial for cats and should be included in all cat food recipes as they supply energy. As a matter of fact fats are the 2nd major source of vigor for your cat. They're able to digest about 95% of the fats ingested. Any unnecessary fat is stored as insulation and also used for protecting their internal organs.

>>> Fourth...Having a fresh water supply is necessary for all living creatures. Without it we'll die. If the water your putting in your cat’s dish is old or contains chemicals, try using bottled water as an alternative. Your cat doesn’t require the chemicals and they'll likely do them more harm than good. If you drink bottled water, you should as well give some for your cat. It's comparatively inexpensive when bought in 5 liter containers.

>>> The Fifth necessity of cat food recipes...Is Vitamins and minerals which are needed as micronutrients since they assist refine the bodily functions. An surplus of vitamins can be bad to your cat so be mindful of this if you making your cat food yourself. Cats require vitamins A, D, E and K but are capable of synthesizing vitamin C so it doesn’t need to be included in their foods. Just about all vitamins and minerals are found in the foods your cat consumes and if your cat is having a healthy balanced diet daily, they shouldn’t require mineral supplements.

>>> The 6th and last Cat Food Recipes Cats need is taurine...Which is necessary for the digestion of fats. Studies have demonstrated that cats are in danger of becoming blind if they do not have sufficiency taurine in their diet. It's an necessary ingredient for normal heart muscle function in your cat.

By selecting the better cat food that you can afford, you're providing your cat a healthy beginning. The extra you spend for the food will be saved on fewer trips to the veterinarian. And we all desire our cats and kittens to be as fit as achievable.


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      Lisseth 3 years ago

      I'm so much in agreement with you, I was tepmted to use my caps lock key.In fact, here goes. HOLY CRAP, YOU'RE SO RIGHT!Unfortunately, they're selling to us instead of cats. If they marketed to cats we'd have lovely bloody carcasses on the labels.I usually spit when I see these commercials, and when I'm in the grocery store, if I feel like getting all dramatic, I just pick up a can or a bag and start reading the label. The other thing I despise about them is the niched foods ones targeting breeds and age groups. Pfft!