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Getting Rid of Cat Fleas - 5 Ways to Rid Your Cat of Fleas.

Updated on May 2, 2011

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Cat lovers are oftentimes confronted with the daunting chore of getting rid of cat fleas. I'm going to discuss the different choices available on how to treat cat fleas and which is the better flea treatment available. Are you seeing little, quick animals that scramble through your cat's fur, and cause painful scratching...So bad sometimes that kitty might scratch herself down to her skin trying to get relief? If you are, then probabilities are, your cat has fleas.

Firstly, how to know for sure if your cat has fleas? Are there some signals and symptoms? Here is how you'll be able to do a check.

Place your cat above a large piece of white paper and then utilizing a comb, comb through its fur beginning from the head to the tail. Do you see any reddish brown specks that look like black pepper sprinkled on the white paper? Now, splash some water over the specks on the paper. If you observe stains of blood dispersing, then this is what is referred to as flea dirt [which are really flea excretes] and yes, your cat has fleas!

Now for Getting Rid of Cat Fleas... Here are 5 Ways to Rid Your Cat of Fleas!

>>> Method Number 1...Flea combs: These flea combs are commonly on hand from any pet store and it’s your 1st line of attack against the fleas. While it can't get rid of all fleas merely by combing your cat’s fur, it can assist to cut down the fleas  population in addition to maintaining your cat’s fur matt free from all the licking, biting and scratching as a result of the fleas.

>>> Method Number 2...Flea shampoos: Similar the flea combs, the usage of flea shampoos is likewise a favorite pick among pet owners. Shampoo will kill the mature fleas and rinse away the awful flea dirt and larvae. Even so, observe that flea shampoo is only good for a day or less. They leave very little residual chemical on the animal when correctly applied and therefore this not a long term flea control option.

>>> Method Number 3...Flea collars: The utilization of flea collars in getting rid of fleas is debatable. They may suffice to keep fleas away the neck, but not the balance of the body. As such, just about all cat owners has reported that it’s worthless [it may help in light infestation]and it is abrasive to the neck causing breakouts and balding about the neck from use.

>>> Method Number 4...Flea powder: These powder products have become nearly out-of-date today as it's established to be too untidy to be applied, also inducing respiratory distrait to both the cat and the person applying it. A few have even been reported to be toxic as well.

>>> Method Number 5...Topical flea treatment: utilization of local flea treatment for cats is currently the best alternative available today. Not only is it handy to use, where simply a once each month use is needed, it is in addition very effective in exterminating all fleas inside a short time period.


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    • Chatkath profile image

      Kathy 6 years ago from California

      Thanks, great information, I actually found your link on Lucky Cats Profile Page, thank you, as a cat lover too, I have a garage full of homeless kitties with fleas!!!! I too am very hesitant to use a collar since I will probably get my hand bit off by some of these guys. My own cat is very sensitive to chemicals (or maybe just a princess)....Great Cat Hubs, BTW! I will no doubt be back.

    • Lucky Cats profile image

      Kathy 7 years ago from The beautiful Napa Valley, California

      SBD, thank you for another useful hub. I never put a flea collar on my cats because, in addition to the reasons you've listed, cats can get hung up on things when climbing or jumping, even inside the house. So, I think they are unsafe as well as not very effective. I like Advantage Flea treatment because it is considered one of the least invasive and does kill adult fleas and larvae. sometimes, I think the topical applications are a little too full of questionable chemicals which are very invasive. Just my humble opinion. Excellent information!