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Cat Behavior Problem - Solutions To Your Cat Behavior Problems.

Updated on May 2, 2011

Did you know that One out of every four American families has a pet cat and some have more than one. However, If you don't have your very own cat to appreciate and love its eccentricities and incomparable behaviors...You should consider getting one! If you're an ailurophile (A cat lover), Visit my blog...

Facts About Cats and I'll introduce you to the interesting and likely unknown facts about cats and their behavior, lifecycle, senses, and habits.


Does Your Cat Have A Behavior Problem?

Articles are published, discussions set in motion and lines are cast in the sand over the cat/dog comparability. Is dog trouble behavior worse than cat behavior problem? My goodness! What a ridiculous argument! As I'm very fond of calling attention to...cats are NOT dogs! We can't judge these 2 pets as though they were the same. Fido's properties can be talked about at another time in another article. Bless his little canine soul, I'd trust we cat lovers can give him his due. But not here...In another article later.

If you're confronted with a Cat Behavior Problem, the 1st thing to do is stand back and evaluate the situation. Although it might look like it, cats do not simply blow a fuse and go mad. There's something taking place, even if you can't see it right now. If your cat all of a sudden begins howling and complaining, something is amiss. It might be the new air freshener or cleansing agent you're using. If you're a shut-in cat with a great sense of smell you could just respond to a strong smell you don't like or that's making you sick if you can't get away from it. Your cat detects things you don't.

Your cat might have looked out the windowpane and seen a new and menacing appearing dog who simply meandered into the yard. If he's frightening, he could begin a familiar cat behavior problem such as urinating in piles of clothes or digging up the house plants.

For grounds known entirely to your cat, this can make him feel better or less afraid....Is it annoying? Yes it is! All the same it is understandable. Just how to steady his fears is another challenge.

I heard about a cat who became so traumatized after being pursued by a dog. He moved to the cellar for 3 years! His owner would attempt to relocate him to the main living area where he was accustomed to sleep of the house and he would cry and complain that they just decided to give him his space to heal, and it took 3 years! Cat behavior...very mysterious!

When our cats appear so aloof and unaffectionate, we are inclined to say they have a cat behavior problem. I think we undervalue the profundity of their sensitiveness. Just because we believe something should not annoy a cat does not mean it does not. Try to understand him disregard less of what he does. He's just a little kitty in a huge world!

Cat troubles might turn up when your dear feline is going through a unforeseen health issue. Keep an eye on him closely for cat urinating problems, cat eye or skin conditions, or any other cat unhealthiness's that may arise. Cats are very sensitive creatures and any cat behavior problem has its reason.


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