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Pet Urine Smell - Has Your Cat Stopped Using The Litter Box?

Updated on May 2, 2011

Got Pet Urine Smell?

There is a characteristic pet urine smell that clearly tells you your cat has discontinued using the litter box. Occasionally it will be in the bedroom or on the blankets, in the living room on your children’s garments. A lot of cat owners are oftentimes baffled as to how come their cat all of a sudden quits using their litter box and uses someplace else. I've given below many tips that can assist you figure out this trouble rapidly and easily.

The litter box is the 1st place you should look into...If you're noticing a pet urine smell. Make certain it's in a tranquil room in the house. Quite a few folks I know place them in their basement or washing area and keep the door open. This not only makes a reclusive spot for your cat but as well aids to keep those objectionable odors to a minimum in the rest of your house.

In order to really cut down on those per urine smells...I strongly suggest utilizing an spot that is tiled or has lino since it will be a great deal easier to clean if there are accidents.

If your cat isn't using the litter box every time discovering why is of paramount importance. Here's some things to be on the lookout for:

>>> Has the litter box been moved to a busy area in the house recently?

>>> Is there a door that can be accidently closed by children, some other pet or maybe the wind?

>>> Are there any other pets that might be scaring your cat?

>>> Is the litter box close to a washing machine or furnace. Sometimes when these appliances start up while your cat is in the litter box the sound may have frightened them.

>>> Does the litter box smell and need cleaning more often?

>>> Is a new type litter being used?

>>> Has litter depth been changed? A few cats want their litter deep, others shallow.

>>> Has your pet gotten too big for this small box?

>>> Is the litter box easy to enter and exit. This can particularly be an problem for some senior cats.

>>> Are you using a new or different litter box?

>>> Is it an confined litter box, maybe the pet urine smell is too strong.

>>> Is it a auto-cleaning litter box type? Could this be scaring your cat?

The exclusive occasion I would recommend placing your cat’s food and water close to where they eliminate is to deter them from using a specific area. If your cat is continually eliminating in an spot that cannot be blocked off, try feeding them there. The heavy smell of its own urine will deter them from utilizing that spot if they would like to eat there.


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