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How to Care For a Pregnant Cat - What Do I Do?

Updated on August 11, 2011

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My Cat's Pregnant...Now What Do I Do?

While caring for a pregnant cat let the pregnant Queen live as normal a life as realistic in the first stages. Over-vigilance and rigorous supervision are not necessary and you'll probably notice your growing pet spending more time resting on her side as she nears full-term. At this time, while she's greatly distended, make certain that she doesn't climb or otherwise strain herself.

Once you first see that your cat is pregnant its strongly suggested to begin putting vitamin adds on into her meals. With kittens developing inside her, a pregnant Queen requires all the additional nutritional assistance she can get; she'll no longer be eating for one and will in all probability like to have larger portions at mealtimes.

If you're not sure how to care for a pregnant cat...It's a good idea to consult a Veterinarian who can advise which additional vitamin and mineral add-ons/powders that will assist her as useful dietary additions.

Remember to inquire about the duration of time these supplements need to be given. A lot of experienced breeders trust in [raspberry leaf], used as a uterine tonic and general aid, as an addition to your pregnant cat's diet.

Give from the 5th week of pregnancy till a week after birth for best results. Adding calcium to her diet is also important for the development of strong bones in the unborn kittens.

On the average, 65 days is the common gestation period for a cat  make sure to factor in the customary 21 day period after mating, at which point the queen's deep-pink, somewhat swollen nipples should be distinctly displaying. With added progesterone levels your cat's conduct might as well be more affectionate than normally.

Do not be dismayed if the delivering does not take place precisely on cue simply be aware of the fact that she will in all likelihood start [nesting] closer to this time so make sure to supply a appropriate nesting box, situated in a calm, dimmed corner. A simple cardboard box lined with layers of cotton fabric and newsprint should do. A pen enclosing the box is a good idea but make certain it is disinfected in advance with a cat agreeable cleaner.

And remember...When learning how to care for a pregnant cat...No matter how well-prepared you attempts, a few pregnant cats will select a bedroom closet, drawer, or linen cupboard etc, as a appropriate place to have her kittens. If you have supplied a comfy box instead you might be well served. Don't be discouraged if your cat does indeed prefer another location, instinctively she will seek out a private area, away from potential predators and hostile male cats in order to protect her treasured babies.

Make a point to maintain a close eye on the mother to be and if some signals of discomfort, excessive painfulness or early bleeding happen, hasten to call your veterinarian. In a small number of cases, a cesarean birth might be necessary, a operation which could actually save your cats life.

Keep your cat away from risk and nerve-wracking situations [loud noises, dogs, etc] particularly in the late stages of pregnancy. A little of extra loving and unobtrusive tending will assist calming her when the time of impending motherhood occurs.


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