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Cats Meowing - 5 Reasons Cat's Meow Too Much.

Updated on August 11, 2011

Is Your Cat Meowing Too Much?

Are your going crazy with cats meowing? A meowing cat can force you up the wall...Or leastways away from home to find some relief for a couple of hours. Does your cat meow excessively? I'm not talking about a meek little mew every now and then, but the mind numbing kind of meowing that goes on, and on, and on.

Before you do anything about it, you need to determine the reason for this problem behavior, one that can turn into something serious, if no steps are taken to stop it.

These are 5 of the most common reasons for your cats meowing.

>>>> 1...Your cat possibly could be ill and it's their way of letting you know they need help...If your normally fairly calm cat of a sudden begins meowing excessively, it is time to see ifs there's a physical problem. Look your cat over thoroughly, checking for abrasions, sore spots, an inclination to prefer one or more paws while walking, hesitancy to walk at all, listlessness, discharge from eyes, ears, or nose, and so forth.

Any one of these cat behavior troubles could require a quick visit to a vet to make certain required treatment is given as quickly as possible. Solving the cat's ill health typically as well solves the problem meowing conduct, also.

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>>>> 2... Just about all cat's meow if they need something from you...And nearly all cat owners acknowledge this type of meow. It's normally loud and imperative and can mean, "My food dish is empty," "My litter box needs emptying," "let me outside," or "let me back in." When you satisfy the need whatever it is, the cats meowing typically ends...At least until they need you to do something else for them.

>>>> 3... A cat might meow to alarm their owners that something is wrong...Not every cat pays attention to anything on the far side of the 4 walls of the house they live in, but a few behave just about like [guard dog] for their owners. As soon as a different cat, dog, raccoon, or other trespasser [sometimes even a two-legged one] comes anyplace near the house, [guard dog] cats start to meow.

A few even hiss and snarl. Regrettably, they rarely quit until the trespasser gets out of the premises so you might as well get up and venture outside to attend to the problem if you wish any peace and calm for the remainder of the evening. Intruder gone-cat behavior problem of excessive cats meowing figured out.

>>>> 4...A few certain breeds of cats are famous for meowing a lot more than others...Siamese cats are probably in for being more likely to meow than with any other breeds, but you should still check for reasons that might show trouble. Siamese cats are famous for not merely the oftenest of their mewing, but as well for the volume, so if excessive meowing is a problem for you, try for a breed that's not noted for being so outspoken.

>>>> 5...Cats are in essence a social animal and meow if they just need attention...A lot of us get cats in the first place because they are so appealing. They are loveable animals who love to be held and petted, and are wonderful company. These things are accurate, but there's one problem. Just about all cats want to snuggle, to be held and petted, and to give you their companionship on their schedule, not yours. And, if you by chance happen to be busy doing something when they come calling for some of this attention from you, their reaction is to meow until you give them some attention.


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