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When Can a Cat Get Pregnant?

Updated on May 2, 2011

Did you know that One out of every four American families has a pet cat and some have more than one. However, If you don't have your very own cat to appreciate and love its eccentricities and incomparable behaviors...You should consider getting one! If you're an ailurophile (A cat lover), Visit my blog...

Facts About Cats and I'll introduce you to the interesting and likely unknown facts about cats and their behavior, lifecycle, senses, and habits.


When Can Your Cat Get Pregnant?

It is not that simple to answer this question [When can a cat get pregnant?] If you're pertaining to the minimum age. The majority of Queens will be sexually matured at approximately 6 months and so will be capable to conceive from this point. A few, all the same, don't have their 1st cycle until they're 1 year old. You'll discover that the timing will alter from breed to breed. If you have a purebred cat you'll be able to get information from the applicable society so that you'll be forewarned. E.g., Persian cats have their 1st heat cycle a great deal later than other cat breeds.

The best advice is to presume that your cat will start sooner than late, unless you're an knowledgeable breeder, have her neutered while she's still young. Your kitty will need to have began her 1st heat cycle to get pregnant and the signals that this is occurring are commonly rather obvious. You'll likely find that she will begin rubbing against your legs more than common and some have a habit of rolling around on the floor. They can get rather noisy in a few cases, with lots of meows and occasionally a strange howl. Even if your cat is typically rather noisy, you'll still observe an step-up. It's from this point on when a cat can get pregnant.

Just about all cats will have a breeding time of year and many more than once a year. This is dependent on where you live because it's regulated by the quantity of daylight hours. Cats in the north will have a breeding season that will go from approximately February through to September. This, all the same, is only an approximate guide. A few cats will carry on in a breeding season all year-around, especially those who are indoor cats.

If they're not outside in the open very much they'll not be so restrained by natural light and a false continuous cycle possibly may be triggered. If you're wanting to know [When can a cat get pregnant?] Concerning particular times of the year, then regrettably there's no sure means of telling and you must take for granted that your cat is able to conceive throughout all seasons.

There are a few amazing facts concerning when a cat can get pregnant. Don't believe that just because your cat is nursing she will be risk-free from pregnancy. Kittens take just 2 months to become fully weaned. After this time Your Queen may carry on nursing them but this isn't required. A cat that's just had kittens can get pregnant prior to being done weaning her previous litter. She can get pregnant just about immediately.

If you going to have your cat fixed after her 1st litter, it's essential to wait until she has weaned her kittens but make a point that you keep her safe from un-neutered male cats during this time to prevent an undesired pregnancy. Sexually matured cats are virtually always fertile and capable of becoming pregnant. Even an older cat is still capable of conceiving. They don't become less fertile with age, however pregnancy in a senior cat can't be totally disregarded.

So, in conclusion and answering the question [When can a cat get pregnant?] The answer is pretty much anytime!


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