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Cat Care Secrets - Taking Care of your Cat.

Updated on May 2, 2011

Did you know that One out of every four American families has a pet cat and some have more than one. However, If you don't have your very own cat to appreciate and love its eccentricities and incomparable behaviors...You should consider getting one! If you're an ailurophile (A cat lover), Visit my blog...

Facts About Cats and I'll introduce you to the interesting and likely unknown facts about cats and their behavior, lifecycle, senses, and habits.


Secrets For Caring For Your Cat.

Cats can be among the most loveable and playful pets you can ever own. They add a feel of glowing to the home and fill it with delight. Surveys carried on in the past have attested those families with cats in their home score higher on the felicity index. It Is not unexpected that cats are the most preferable pets to have...By  single people. But having a cat at home entails accepting a big responsibility. The wellness of the pet in the home is an indicator of the overall wellness of the entire family.

Cat care starts the instant it's brought into the home. It should be acquainted to its litter box as quick as possible as this gives it a feel of comfort. It feels that it has its own little space in the world and begins to feel like part of the family. Your kids  will be very eager to get friendly and play with the newest family member. But they must be assured that the new member must given some time to calm down and get accustomed to its new surroundings. Another potential problem is if there are other pets in the house in particular a dog.

The food dish and water bowl should be easy to keep clean. Plastic and aluminum are the commonest alternatives. The design of the saucer and bowl should be such that  is it is balanced and doesn't tip over when your pet is eating and drinking. Selecting the correct litter box may be a difficult job since the cat won't like any litter box that you provide. It has to sense and smell correct. It might mean a couple trips to the local pet store. The size of the litter box needs to correspond to the size of your cat.

Kittens may find it hard to get habituated to bigger liter boxes. A small litter pan could be used if your cat is only a kitten. Once it grows up the pan can be positioned inside a litter box. Afterwards  the pan may be removed. Cleaning the litter box is really crucial as an dirty litter box can be a breeding space for bacteria and other insects. The use of disinfectants may result in the cat not using the litter box again simply because of the odor. Ideally it should be scrubbed up with soap and water and wiped dry.

Cutting the nails is essential for it will keep the cat from hurting herself or anyone else. But it is not a simple chore since there's a vein called the quick that grows inside the claw. Cutting this would cause bleeding. It's essential that it be done with a lot of care using snipers recommended by your veterinarian.

When traveling the temperature inside the vehicle should be regulated to suit the needs of the cat. If she is exposed to intense heat, she may suffer irreparable harm. A source of fresh air must always be at that place.

The selection of a veterinarian must be established before the arrival of your pet cat. Ideally the veterinarian should take personalized interest in your cat and he must be located at a handy location in the event of an emergency. It would be better to go to the veterinarian that's most favorite by people with pets living in your neighborhood.


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    • Jennifer Theories profile image

      Jennifer Theories 6 years ago from Canada

      I love cats too! Keep up the writing and the educating, it does us all a world of good.

    • Stop Barking Dog profile image

      Stop Barking Dog 7 years ago

      Thanks for your valued advice Marcus.

    • Marcus Teague profile image

      Marcus Teague 7 years ago

      We never trimmed our cat's claws; way too much trouble. But that's also because they go outdoors and could use the extra protection, climbing trees and defending themselves. Cats can be taught not to bite or scratch. Rugged carpet won't be damaged from when they sharpen their paws (or scratching post) which also helps them to naturally trim.

      Many cats actually prefer bigger litter boxes. When you see them scratching on the edge of a litter box, it means it's time to get something bigger. Most manufacturers don't make litter boxes big enough so it's often necessary to improvise.

    • Stop Barking Dog profile image

      Stop Barking Dog 7 years ago

      I love cats...After a hard or bad day at work...Guess who's always at the door loving me!!!

    • moneymakerroz profile image

      moneymakerroz 7 years ago

      This is so great!!!! I too love this hub!! It's clear you care about kitties a lot, just like me!

    • Lucky Cats profile image

      Kathy 7 years ago from The beautiful Napa Valley, California

      Wonderful! I love this and I love that you value cats as you do. I voted UP and USEFUL and I'm going to FOLLOW YOU!! Much regards and respect!!