Hubber Score / Hub Score - How I am at 90 and 99

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    JRScarbroughposted 4 years ago

    I’ll do more in depth later but I wanted to offer this to anyone who is having woes associated with their hubber score.

    First of all, when the New Year came, my overall hubscore was at 82 and my hubber score was lower 90’s. I began messing around with older hubs in order to see why my individual hub scores on a few hubs were down in the 70’s. I discovered how to now only raise those scores, but start a new breath of activity on those hubs.

    Title - HP likes short and very to the point. You can easily turn a 78 hub into a 88 hub with simply shortening the title and not trying to grab every keyword you can out of it. If you want to grab traffic from a short tail key phrase, do that in the description. So then, your general keyword in the title and then a more exact phrase in the description will fix a low score on your hub by shortening the title and giving HP what it appears to be looking for.l

    Length - Meet every goal and go longer is you possibly can. 2000 words scores better than 1600 words. I believe this was institutes here at hub because Google now prefers lengthy content. Since Google is not as smart as they’d like to make everyone believe, it is giving points to long winded articles simply for their length because Google cannot possibly truly distinguish convoluted content from being really thorough.

    So, just write and think of everything you can possible add to your hub’s main theme.

    Pictures- it doesn’t matter if they are your pictures or attributed pictures. HP does not care. It prefers a lot of very clear pictures and sometimes adding just one more will lift your score on that particular hub, thus raising your hubber score.

    Edit Regularly - Yes. I have proven it to be true. Simply cutting here and there and then just rewriting something or changing headings will definitely restart traffic flow to that hub and this slowly begins raising your score on that hub as long as the hub meets the other things I have mentioned.

    With these techniques I have brought my hubber score to 99 and my overall hubscore to 90. I still have hubs rising in score from recent edits but I expect fully to hit a hubber score of 100 fairly soon.

    Good luck guys and happy hubbing.

    1. Jean Bakula profile image98
      Jean Bakulaposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      I think the pictures must be attributed.

      But I always maintained that long hubs do well. They always did for me. People used to go to Google for fast answers, and a library for long answers or studies. Now people are willing to read a long hub if it is interesting, well written, and the person knows what they are talking about. My top 15 hubs are all about 3,000 words, for over a year now.

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    indraprasad vposted 4 years ago

    A guide for beginners.....!