Continued great traffic and a thank you

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  1. Bard of Ely profile image88
    Bard of Elyposted 9 years ago

    Now I have started writing hubs about sexy subjects the traffic has really picked up and not just from outside sources. I just checked and found I have 366 as the traffic figures from hubpages for the last 24 hours. Thank you to all you hubbers out there who are visiting my site!

    1. anjalichugh profile image73
      anjalichughposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      I was surprised when one of my hubs on spirituality earned me about 14,000 page views in a week. I used to think such topics do not have takers but you never know....

  2. Anti-Valentine profile image95
    Anti-Valentineposted 9 years ago

    No! Bard of Ely! It's not too late to turn back! Just joking, I've thought about doing the same sort of thing myself.

    1. Bard of Ely profile image88
      Bard of Elyposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Well, why not? Lots of other people are doing well here with hot and sexy hubs and I personally know people who are glamour models.  And I have a journalist friend who has done much better than me with her career and financially and she partly got where she is by writing for The Sport and not writing about sport! lol  I am also a good friend of a guy who ran regular fetish parties and I used to work for another who made all his money with sex shops. So for me why not indeed?

  3. profile image0
    Iphigeniaposted 9 years ago

    Sexy little black bits of nothing obviously do well Bard - I've done something similar about why bicycle shorts should always be black ........... take a look, i've put a poll on there as well.

    Seriously, well done on increased traffic.

  4. bgpappa profile image80
    bgpappaposted 9 years ago

    but do they click, that is the question

    1. Whitney05 profile image82
      Whitney05posted 9 years agoin reply to this

      That's waht I was wondering. Traffic doesn't necesarily mean revenue.

  5. britneydavidson profile image60
    britneydavidsonposted 9 years ago

    ya i am agree the hot and sexy topic brings too much traffic on your hubs...which really helps to bring yout hubscore on great position...well but as bgpappa said it hardly gets clicks or they are not revenue generted....

  6. Bard of Ely profile image88
    Bard of Elyposted 9 years ago

    I haven't checked if they get clicked or not because I have had such disappointing results when I do check I have decided not to worry about this side of it so much and just concentrate more on getting traffic! Maybe that way one day I will get a great surprise of some money from Amazon or Ebay or Google. Last time I checked Google I was around half way to my first $100 and nothing from anywhere else.

    When I first came here I was looking to make money but now I am more concerned with getting my hubs seen and also enjoying the place otherwise. If my new subject matter generates money - well, that would be brilliant of course!

  7. JYOTI KOTHARI profile image60
    JYOTI KOTHARIposted 9 years ago

    Hi Bard,
    I am of the opinion that Hubpages are not a great place for earnings. Most of the persons including you have to wait a long and work hard for getting one's first cheque from adsense. You have written so many hubs and have many fans and yet waiting for first $100!!

    However, it is a great place for knowledge exchange. It also has great fun! One can get satisfaction of writing that means expressing one's view to rest of the world.

    I am in real business and not more than 0.1 oercent of my income comes from adsense or so!! But I pass my time with fellow hubbers with great joy!!

    Thanks to all of you.
    Jyoti Kothari

    1. Bard of Ely profile image88
      Bard of Elyposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      I agree with you, Jyoti - this is a great place for sharing information but no good if you are expecting to make a lot of money here...well, in my experience it is certainly not!

  8. BristolBoy profile image70
    BristolBoyposted 9 years ago

    I agree that traffic and earnings are two completely different things.  One of my hubs has achieved over 100 views every day since it was created a couple of weeks ago, and yet most of my other hubs struggle to get more than 10 views a day.  However, one of these hubs with the lower traffic is getting me the vast majority of clicks, and therefore my earnings.  However, as has already been stated I hub for fun and always try and give the best advice possible on subjects I feel I know a lot about, so for this reason I am not playing the earnings game and spending lots of time researching good keywords and then writing hubs.  For me comments explaining how good the hubs are is what counts, the earnings is just a nice bonus.

    1. Bard of Ely profile image88
      Bard of Elyposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      I agree with you too, BristolBoy - any earnings is a bonus here!

  9. Anti-Valentine profile image95
    Anti-Valentineposted 9 years ago

    Sometimes I get lots of visitors and no clicks, and other times, few visitors and several clicks. Figures.

  10. lawretta profile image68
    lawrettaposted 9 years ago

    I guys am just glad to be a Huber. don't really care about the cash and don't mind making some too. Happy hubbing

    1. Bard of Ely profile image88
      Bard of Elyposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      That's how I have been feeling too, Lawretta! Thanks for posting!

  11. Anti-Valentine profile image95
    Anti-Valentineposted 9 years ago

    Besides, it's way easier to get some decent traffic on your hubs than it is with a blog. I found that out the hard way. I still like blogging though, and I want to start up some other blogs.

  12. MotherHubber profile image61
    MotherHubberposted 9 years ago

    I agree with what has already been stated - the money would be an added bonus.  Hell, I am not even sure if I have set up my adsense stuff correctly. . .I hope I did, but judging from what a lot of you are saying, I might not be missing out on much revenue anyway.

    I'm actually in this for the experience.  I have always loved to write, but lacked the proper outlet.  Hub Pages gives me measurable feedback and a great support system, which is kind of what I need right now.  Someday I'd love to do freelance work for those pretty, glossy magazines that you see scattered around doctor's offices, but until then, I will keep on 'Hubbin.  (Hey, that would be a great bumper sticker! Is there a HubStuff Store?  Because I would buy that!)

  13. JYOTI KOTHARI profile image60
    JYOTI KOTHARIposted 9 years ago

    Funny post. i liked it!!
    have a hubstore instead!!!! ha ha Ha


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