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Posting fiction

  1. Byron A profile image52
    Byron Aposted 10 years ago

    I'm a writer, I love writing fiction (mostly sci-fi).  I'm thinking about posting some as hubs.  What do you think?  I know there are some dangers, such as someone seeing one of my stories and copying and pasting it and claiming it as their own, but it could also be some free publicity for myself as a writer for when I finaly finish the novel I'm working on and also a couple anthologies of my work.

    So far, I have only posted about some of my interests, but what do you think of posting fiction?  Does anyone else do this?  Have they gathered any following at all?  Just curious...

  2. djtphn1 profile image82
    djtphn1posted 10 years ago

    I am not too sure about this, my take is it is not really done, at least not very often that I know of, but maybe it is....I know some people write poetry but I think you will have to wait for someone more experienced than me to answer this one......come on guys, help the dude out here!!!!

  3. Marisa Wright profile image98
    Marisa Wrightposted 10 years ago

    I don't think there's any rule against publishing fiction on HubPages if you want.  However, over at Helium (where I used to write), they introduced a Creative Writing section and it's generally agreed that it performs poorly compared to the rest of the site. 

    You have to ask yourself why you want to publish on HubPages, because if Helium's experience is anything to go by, you won't earn much from it.  You might be just as well to publish on a dedicated creative writing site where you'll get feedback from other fiction writers.  I'm sure there must be sci-fi writers' sites somewhere!

  4. Kenny Wordsmith profile image80
    Kenny Wordsmithposted 10 years ago

    When I started hubbing, I posted all my unused fiction here, including just the first chapters of novels. Also some complete short stories.But the visits I got for those were negligible compared to my 'nonfiction' hubs.

    You may also treat some of your hubs as portfolio pieces. Let them copy, reuse and do their worst. Be prepared for that. But these can be sent as links to potential publishers, employers or clients, can't they?

    All the best, Byron.

  5. chabrenas profile image59
    chabrenasposted 10 years ago

    Kenny has it in a nutshell. You won't make ad/affiliate revenue by posting fiction, but it can be a useful way to air extracts and get known. There may be an exception - create a short, intriguing or exciting multimedia piece.

  6. Byron A profile image52
    Byron Aposted 10 years ago

    You guys are probably right- I'll stick to writing "non-fiction" pieces, mostly opinion  pieces, and see how far that gets me before even attempting to post fiction.  Thanks for the responses!!!!

  7. ysdata profile image61
    ysdataposted 10 years ago

    I was thinking of publishing some fiction too, but after reading the post -- maybe not sad

  8. sevenGEIN profile image51
    sevenGEINposted 10 years ago

    So was I.

    Since making with money with stories on here seems unlikely, there's always literature sites like Quizilla - well, it was only just literature until MTV bought it. You can't put ads on there but the sites high traffic is bound to get you some recognition.

  9. Byron A profile image52
    Byron Aposted 10 years ago

    I got a story idea floating around in my head a little right now...  I'm gonna test out HubPages as a fiction outlet with a series of short stories (after I have already written a few) just to see for myself how it works out.  I don't doubt what evryone has said, I just wanna see for myself...

  10. Mark Knowles profile image60
    Mark Knowlesposted 10 years ago

    There are probably some better places for fiction if you are looking for critiques. This one is pretty good:


    Basically, you collect points for critiquing others' work and when you have enough points, you can submit yours.

  11. waynet profile image71
    waynetposted 10 years ago

    Remember though if you are posting any type of fiction that you yourself have created, always add a copyright notice with the exact date and year for reference later on, and I'd probably publish fiction on hub pages, and I'd imagine you'd earn something from the amount of keyword relevance it generates for adsense and niche specific content to your fiction.

  12. sevenGEIN profile image51
    sevenGEINposted 10 years ago

    I posted a story on a site of my own, and the ads that come up are for love and insomnia lol.

  13. Marisa Wright profile image98
    Marisa Wrightposted 10 years ago


    Mark is giving you good advice.  The most valuable thing you can get out of posting your work on the internet is feedback. 

    A couple of years ago, I wrote a novel - or at least, the first half of one.  I thought it was pretty damn good.  I hopped on the internet to research how to get it published, and landed in a writers' forum.  I'm so glad I did.  I learned a lot of things there - mainly that I still had a lot to learn!  The novel needed a lot of work.  If I'd finished it and self-published it without the input from that writers' forum, I would be feeling sorely embarrassed by now.

    So I would say, what's the point of publishing your fiction in a place where you can't derive any benefit from it?   Post it where you can get peer review as well as exposure.