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The different customs and traditions about marriage

Updated on May 13, 2013

There are different customs and traditions with regards to marriage in various places around the world. However there are pros and cons about these though.

Here are the different customs and traditions about marriage in various parts of the world:

Bride-price and Dowry – In some places in the planet the groom’s family must provide money to his bride’s family as a bride’s price. In some places it’s the exact opposite as the bride’s family is expected to provide money the groom’s dowry. There is nothing wrong with this though for as long as its above-board. In both cases the family on the receiving end must not resort to being so greedy by demanding irrationally for more and goods.

Moreover, the bride-price must not imply that the wife is a purchased property or will give a notion to the husband that his only duty is to earn money for his family. In both cases, their commitment and dedication to their spouse must not waver no matter challenges and trials that will come on their path.

Polygamy – In some places polygamy is an accepted marriage tradition. Often the husband eventually becomes an overlord rather than a spouse and father. Additionally, this type of marriage will set the stage for competition and jealousy among wives. In other cultures, however, only allows monogamous marriage or singleness.

Trial Marriage – Many resort to this type of marriage to gauge their compatibility with each other. But this type of marriage is lacking in one of the most important elements, which is, commitment. Moreover, this doesn’t offer security and protection on both parties including children their children that may spring out from their marriage.

Although these types of marriages are widely accepted in some cultures and may offer some advantages it is also filled with disadvantages.

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