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How to Think Out of the Box

Updated on May 10, 2011

Oftentimes we are just contented with what we have and for this reason we resist to make any changes. We also resist necessary changes especially when there are no challenges present on hand or simply because we are still trapped with our old bad habits. There is a cliché that goes, “Old habits are hard to break,” but we need to move on and never rest on our laurels to keep us updated and at the same will not be left behind as time goes by. And for this matter it is necessary to make changes through thinking out of the box to keep us moving and productive.

Here are ways or effective tips on how think out of the box:

Expand your mind

Be a voracious rider in other words a wide reader. The ability to think out of the box will get a shot in the arm if you value reading to get information or simply want to have an entertainment. Reading materials whether it be books, magazines, newspapers, encyclopedia and the like will aid you to fathom how other people thinks and these might as well give you the chance to come up with new or useful ideas.

Nonetheless, this will work very well if and only if you keep on doing this continually. Bear in mind that the “Rolling stone gather no moss.”

Communicate with other people

Find time to communicate with other people especially your colleagues or someone whom you think is very capable, smart or well-experienced. This is good for you especially if you are not a big fan of reading materials since these will surely boost the breadth and depth of your understanding, knowledge and even certain skills.

This will also help you inject new perspectives and ideas and at the same time build lasting bond with people around you. Just like the first one mentioned earlier this will also work in long term basis.

Be a risk taker

If you take risk as if you are using the “one-step backward two-step forward,” then you are in good stead, make risks when you feel like you are heading toward dead ends. Be cautious in doing this so, since this is risky. Review from all angles if it is necessary before implementing changes.

Be your own enemy

Play the role of an enemy to your own ideas and this will help you get rid of the bad old habits and beliefs.

Make an informal poll without divulging your opinion

At times you identify the want of other people, you can verify if this is correct or not by means of asking people around you. The outcome of this undertaking might astonish you. Doing this a lot will inevitably enhance your options and also build a better compromise. One of the powerful advantage of doing this simple exercise is that it gives you an idea and/or information you might need at an instant. This is strategy is getting feedback to measure one's self well.

Travel abroad or in other places

Perhaps one of the most exciting and most enriching ways of plucking out ideas and information is to go out of your shell and travel elsewhere, but be sure that your destination is not Afghanistan, Libya or in other war torn countries since you might be endangering your lives, just kidding aside. Getting exposed to other culture will give you fresh ideas about almost anything. Seeing totally different things that really tick will leave you in a sort of state of awe. This will inject stimulation that you might need of, a start plug that will lead you to immense ideas and may also provide you the lift you need to overcome bad habits that weren’t effective in the past.

We tend to feel at ease with things that we are familiar with. But if our comfort zone doesn’t already provide us the things that we need then change is a must and thinking out of the box will certainly be the answer. Although it takes some risk taking, venturing to the unknown can be exciting and even more profitable. We tend to be frightful when we are in an uncharted territory, and it is our fear with unknown is the culprit of this. Thinking out of the box is innovative and can usher in lots of possibilities but be sure you are careful.

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