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The Winning Factors

Updated on March 14, 2013

We often bask in every sweet victory we accumulate through the course of our lives. Often our wins are accompanied with gestures such as smiling which signify a job well done, having tears of joy and making joyful body language like flinching our hands in thin air or forming a gun with our hands then blowing the tip of the index finger as if we hit our target with pinpoint precision with a real one.

Oh how sweet it is to win especially when you pulled out a reversal or a hard fought upset win over favored and fancied opponents. And the delight in winning is raised further when you feel like that all of your sacrifices and hard work finally bear fruit of success. It is not a joke to compete since you need to have a nerve of steel to steer clear from distractions and pressures. Stage fright already claimed many victims even those who are bestowed with exceptional gifts. Performing in front of many people is very difficult and you are indeed fortunate to withstand them and still manage to come up with awesome performance en route to winning the top plum.


Extracting triumphs can be attributed to some or all of the following factors:

A good preparation always leads to good performance and if you perform very well it is mostly likely that you will snatch a victory. Practice forms the pillars of our preparation as it hones our skills, perfect our crafts and help us eradicate common mistakes. A good preparation extends to having the best resources that we need in actual competitions like having the finest costumes and props that can help you garner the much attention, nice choice of place to conduct a practice and the like.

If you are a hometown bet the crowd will inevitably hand you a morale-boosting cheers that will aid you perform better. The electrifying support of the fans for sure will give you adrenaline rush to make impossible things doable and it doubles the pressure on the part of your opponents. No wonder the hosts often dish out a fine and remarkable overall performance when they are on their own turf.

Seasoned campaigners usually have the edge over their competitors since they’ve been there before. They already know the pressure and unlocked the formulas on how to win. The well-experienced entry is also adept in using energy and resources with optimum efficiency.

Innate talent is a big plus in any competition but it also takes time to nurture and maintain it. For sure you’ll be in a tremendous handicap if you are competing with a genius like in a quiz bee competition, just joking aside.

Fierce fighting form and great fighting spirit can also play good roles in your campaign in any field of endeavors. These attributes will help you turn the table on your side, trim a big lead or seize the momentum in any stage of the competition.

Even if you have the talent and desire to win in any competition, you’ll end up a big loser if you have some problems with your attitude and character. Attribute like self-discipline is essential to end up a big winner in any contest.

Luck can also give an instant edge to a competing team or an individual. Factors like bad officiating and pitting competitors by means of draw lots may favor or diminish a competitor’s winning chances.

Keep in mind that it is not your birthday all the time and after while you will wound up losing too at the end. But there is more at stake in any competition aside from the accolades and juicy cash incentives and these are meeting other people, learning the essence of sportsmanship, knowing one’s self very well and enhancing personality.

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