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Compilation of Inspirational Text Messages

Updated on March 10, 2013

I hope this hub will give you a bit of lesson about life.

Life is oftentimes a combination of opposites, sometimes we are on top sometimes we're not, sometimes we shed tears sometimes we break to laughter. LIfe is indeed full of unpredictable circumstances, as we embark on an endeavor living for the remaining days of our lives, we tend to discover new things, and meet new acquaintances and new challenges. Along the way we intend to collar a lot of wisdom, knowledge and necessary skills to enable us to move further and to be persistent to what life may offer. Here are some of the wisdom I acquired and I hope these will be useful to you.

Your friends is as important as your foe. Friends gives you the stabilizing force in keeping you afloat, an equilibrium in your dealings with life's unending and uncomprimising challenges and obstacles. They can be your constant companion and good source of real joy and happiness and will aid you in times of troubles and despair but always be cautious with an unreliable and fake friends. Your enemies on the other hand are actually your mirrors, with them you will know your weaknesses. Thus, this will give you opportunity to work well on areas that serve as your achilles heel. The criticisms from an enemy comes in two various forms, constructive and destructive, either way the stinging brickbats they throw on you will give you inevitable lessons in life to keep improving, developing present skills and moving on continuosly. Without your enemies life would be boring and predictable.

If people tries to pull you down count this as a point on you, and rejoice. Remember that a boy will only hurl stone to a tree that is teeming with fruits. A light will always glitters even if its situated in an isolated place.There is no way a man full of hatred and envy on his heart can ever put a good man down, never ever.

There are three types of relationships in Biology. These are parasitism, commensalism, and symbiosis. Parasitism is a relationship between two living organisms where only one of them is benefitted while the other is harmed. Commensalism on the other hand is a relationship between two living organisms where one is benefitted but neither is harmed, much better than parasitism. Symbiosis is a relationship between two living organisms wherein both of them are benefitted as both species compensate each other. A healthy relationship should always be a give and take relationship. It gives us overwhelming joy in our hearts if we have this kind of relationship especially with those people around us that we love and cherished.

Experience will teach you how to do it. When you're at work, muster enough courage to overcome and topple every tasks assigned to you with fire and fervor and do your best to have an outstanding result. Moreover, the longer you endure in your chosen work or career the better you will get. It will also help if you ask assistance and guidance from your colleagues or supervisors they will surely show you the way, it is better to be ignorant once than forever.

You may win in an argument or discussion but not his/her heart. Sometimes we play to lose to win some gains.

You cannot please everybody, but you can at least be pleasant to everyone else. When your in an all-out effort in doing your tasks to the best of your capabilities, always amiable at all times, and always fair and square with all your dealings, you can maximize the number of people that will appreciate you and your work.

A single enemy is capable of inflicting immense damage in you like a colony of termites feasting on a wooden home. The backstabbing you can absorb from a foe could yield unpredictable magnitude of harm. Try to avoid having even a single enemy.

Dont argue or quarrel with somebody else in your work, this is a big blunder if you do so. Don't allow yourself be carried away with the exchanges of series of hurtful words and worst, curses and emotional outbursts especially in a loud voice fashion with your colleague(s). People around you will lookdown on both of you. The office is the place to earn a living and not the place to earn unnecessary criticisms that can cause stress and tension afterwards. Cool down, the ability not to be emotional in times of anger is a great showcase of grace under pressure, decency, and elegance.

Say just sorry when your late, say your reasons for your leniency only if told to do so.

Always give a firm handshake and eye contact when situation calls for it. A handshake shows great sincerity, compasssion, and dedication while eye contact is a great sign of being proffesional, authentic and persevering.

A loving wife or a girlfriend is a crown in a man's head. Success will surely be carved out by man with an inspiration besides him.

In real life there is a word Karma, in Science it is the equivalent to the Third Newton's Law of Motion, which states that, "For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction." In scriputures it is synonymous to "Do unto others what you want others do unto you" and "What you sow you reap."

Its not what you earn it's what you save.

Your favorite things are more vulnerable to wear and tear.

The will to succeed is the surest path to success.

Generosity covers multitude of sins.

Prepare for the marriage not the wedding. Family is the basic family and the love nest of a wonderful couple. Prepare for the marriage that will last for a lifetime instead of having a lavish and extravagant wedding that might be spoiled with annulment or divorce.

When there is smoke there is a fire. Burns will hurt for sure and dont ever play with fire.

Silence can be a potent weapon, when you have nothing good to say it is better to just keep quiet, this is a classic example of wisdom of doing nothing.

Don't be emotional for anger will always lead you to danger.

Be polite and tactful. The tongue is a double edged sword that can cut through in anybodys heart.

Its how you play that counts, for there is always room for improvement.

Quality or quantity, why not have the best of each world. More and greater is too much.

Jack of everything master of many not none. Effective multi-faceted skills reigns and given recognition in work.

The Marshmallow Test is effective, one of my niece tried and passed it as she wound up getting top honor and accolades in her class, while his older brother failed in the test and ended up with nothing.

The attitude of woman during her pregnancy, will likely be the same attitude her child will acquire.

Positive words will yield positive response.

The word sorry is the same as the word magic.

A man's soul is worth more than the earth. I know this knowledge already a decade ago. A man's flesh and its vital parts and components is a very expensive commodity, a single muscle tissue will take few billions of dollars to create from scratch and with no guarantee of success . How much more if you'll sum up the costs creating a genuine human body from head to toe.

Play is important in the growth of our children, it hones them to be a responsible citizen of our society someday, it gives them the opportunity to practice and mimic how to be an adult, polish their socialization skills and get to feel the value of tears and happiness.


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    • GeneralHowitzer profile imageAUTHOR

      Gener Geminiano 

      9 years ago from Land of Salt, Philippines

      Thanks a lot cris and emeka sunday...

    • profile image

      emeka sunday 

      9 years ago

      so much to chew and digest,i ave a lot to start doing and a lot to stop.thanks for this wonderful article.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      hi thanks

    • GeneralHowitzer profile imageAUTHOR

      Gener Geminiano 

      9 years ago from Land of Salt, Philippines

      Thanks Island voice voice for dropping by and for the wonderful comments you just made, I really appreciate it...

      I suggest that you will also read ronytparagas hub about Proverbs and you will be more surprise. You'll learn a lot from it also...

    • IslandVoice profile image

      Sylvia Van Velzer 

      9 years ago from Hawaii

      I like this hub very much. So much gem to digest.


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