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How To Accept Defeats or Losses

Updated on May 13, 2013

“The joy of victory and the agony of defeat…”

In any competition there are winners and losers. If you compete in any field of endeavors such as skills contest, sport tournament, pageant, quiz bee, spelling bee and the like, there are chances that you will limp home outclassed and defeated. This will in turn make you very lonely especially if you lose by a very small margin. Taking defeat seriously will further add salt to injury. As such, frustration will set in and this will either affect your future performance or might even force you to stop from competing. If you lose don’t be sad instead just move on, learn from your past mistakes, practice harder, build a winning attitude and soon enough Lady Luck will smile on you and eventually hand you the coveted triumph you are yearning for.


Here are some tips and pointers to aid you accept defeat and go on with your life intact and still very competitive:

You lose because there are still chinks in your armor. Try to discover your weaknesses and try to fill the void with sheer perseverance and hard work. There is always a room for improvement and to get rid of your Achilles' heel. Practice harder, learn more from the experts and those who you think are smarter than you, make a research, scout your opponents and the possibilities on how to improve your crafts is indeed unlimited and it is up to you to discover and use them to your advantage.

Do not put a lot of pressures on you; always see to it that you are only competing with yourself and not with anyone else. If you break your previous record or perhaps meet certain standards or goals you set for yourself that means you are doing well although you short in plucking out the top plum and accolades that goes with it.

Be mature and put the word sportsmanship in your dictionary. If you lose then be old enough to accept defeat and try to rebound stronger next time. Exacting revenge in the future can be very sweet especially when you win fair and square.

Use thoroughly the experience you gained from the previous competition you was entered; the neophytes don’t have this and this will help you level the playing field against seasoned adversaries.

Never waver in enhancing and polishing your innate talents and skills, win or lose, you must keep on striving to improve in your field of expertise.

You will never be a loser whenever you compete, since losing is as important as winning. You learn a lot of lessons from your defeat and this valuable experience will help you further on how to attain success in real life.

If you think you are ripe enough to specialize in other field of endeavors then why not give yourself a chance in doing so. After all, a change of almost everything including environment may help you move on faster and forget your past frustrations.

Do not blame yourself or other people (coach and referee) for any bad results you acquired in the past competition. Keep in mind that you carry your tail with you and instead of having a self-guilt or pinpoint other for adequacies, it is about time to slay the ghosts of the past and work on how to whip up a finer performance in the next competition you will be joining in.

Keep in mind that there is more to sports than just winning. In sports, one can able to improve his character and personality and learn the importance of teamwork and goal-setting.

I hope you have some more ideas to bolster this write-up even further. Feel free to share your ideas and suggestions and I will be happy to add them here.

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