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A Whiff of the Sacred Sensual Sexual Sublimely Innocent Artistic Feminine Spirit

Updated on March 7, 2011

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Image: Embracing Our Precariously Seductive Feminine Side

Sacred Sensual Sexual Innocent Artistic Femininity
Sacred Sensual Sexual Innocent Artistic Femininity

MODE of Cosmic Therapy: Embracing the Embodiment of Sacred Scented Sexuality

A sacred sensually seductive ethereal feminine energy exists in all of us.

Whether we are presently residing in male or female form, matters not.

What does matter is that we come to accept, integrate and embrace the illusive, fickle, changeable, irresistible, appealing, intuitive, sensitive, emotionally provocative, stimulating, restless, protective, suspicious, daring, confident, nurturing, engaging trickster, wise, alluring, magical, entertaining, scent full of passion, playful, innovative, creative, devious, fun loving, wild, sexually stimulating, capricious, mischievous, invigorating, intelligent, wickedly independent, unsettled, and unmistakably determined ruthless soul who inhabits our being.

No need to try to argue for or against, defend, excuse or explain the idiosyncrasies associated, we KNOW we imbue these inexplicable characteristics. What to do with them is another story…

The feminine energy (spirit) is no doubt, incalculably mysterious. Drawn like a moth to a flame, we can not resist her wooing, seductive ways. We are caught in her web of immaculately conceived sublimely sacred sensual sexual persuasive decoys.

We feel the stirringly passionate throbbing of our soul’s yearning for earth experience in a myriad of ‘ways and means’ that we must succumb to in order to evolve and transcend. Surrender is the key word here. Surrender to that which we don’t, can’t, will never be able to understand; in all of our exhausting endeavors, baffling romances, invaluable relationships and complicated partnerships.

We stumble blindly onto the path of varied experience without pre-digested guile or pretense at her beckon call.

Otherwise, how can we possibly explain our enchantingly deceptive involvements? It’s the bewitchingly captivating gorgeous unfathomable divine capitulated surrendered beauty of immeasurable graceful sexual energy found in our soul’s pleasurable innocence.

Nothing or no one else compares or even comes close to its summit of excellence. We crave her warm magnificent eroctially soothing embrace! We indulge ourselves in celestial orgasmic fantasies of sublime magnificence of god’s gentle forceful artistic creative pulsation.

We instinctively know we are impregnated with her alluringly hypnotic glare and will not be denied. We have come to earth to explore the dark inner regions of transcendent bliss found only through the expedient call to answer her wooing enticing eyes. She catches us all unaware!

The moment we meet the ONE; we unconsciously receive her commanding instructions to obey.

How else would we be attracted to the other IF this were not the case? Our innate cosmic antennas immediately recognize and respond to the receptively sweet charming scent of her enthralling sensual presence. The feminine spirit will tie us to her heart and then break it at will IF the divine plan so designates.

The feminine energy dwells in and is comprised of psychic intuitive mystifying sexually motivating vibrating electrical charges.

All of which run on automatic pilot. These electrical chemical charges operate in the body by and through scent-filled (activated) receptors. [More than 10,000 in the nose, alone] In other words, you carry within you a specifically elected fragrance of the divine which attracts what and whom you will interact with.

No two ways, ifs, ands, or buts about it. You will get involved in those singular circumstances, people, places and things that you are supposed to. Deliberately guided through the power of undeniable scent, you will experience the situation. This irrefutable incomprehensible transaction of comparable relating appears to take place in the human brain, but must be controlled from another level of reality.

It’s all a matter of cosmically coded compatibility! It is absolutely impossible for you to control who and what you will or will not be attracted to. You KNOW that!!!

The sanctified blessed feminine energy will do with you as she pleases to meet her own cosmically devised ends. Again, this overwhelmingly sensually scented energy is located in both male and females, alike. The male energy, though, ‘naturally and conveniently’ dominates, controls, analyzes, logically deduces, reasons, defends, objectifies, prepares, fights, anticipates, and conquers is in need of receiving, working with and acknowledging the feminine restless instigated abode within. Unless the subtle force is dealt with, no peace of mind, balance or serenity can be had.

The sacredly sensual sexually explicit artistic feminine energy is so earth shatteringly powerful that most often times, unimaginable hurt, harm, damage, shame, regret, remorse, jealous rages, bitter break-ups, underhanded schemes, incomprehensible shams are brought about due to its all consuming blanket of uncontrolled possessive desire.

Tragedy results from trying to conceal, repress, and deny her stunning life-infused exciting evolving force. In other words, you may enjoy her, but you will never, ever domesticate her. IF you spend unwarranted time, effort, money in pursuit of possessing and controlling her, you will fall into the deep end (for a while) and possibly not be able to function for a season.

This wonderfully splendid sacred sensual sexual artistic energy is to be used to enhance and not escape from this life. The ancient scriptures declare: “My grace is sufficient for thee.” The omnificent creator desires for us to receive life abundantly, pleasurably and creatively.

(Whatever and however you personally interpret that suggestive statement depends upon your previous early environmental conditioning and educational background (language emphasized) and religious programming) Nevertheless, we are breathing energetic sensual beings that use our oscillating scent radiating bodies to do what we will.

We are in the delicately flawless prominent position to praise, celebrate, offer continual thanks, while encased in human body. With our personal lives endowed with numerous blessings, a reverently instilled life full of joy and unending bliss precedes our every step.

“Oh! Sweet Intoxicating Flavor of Divinity’s Sacred Sensual Sexual Artistic Passing; we recognize thee by thy influx of befitting rapturous joy.

Thou hast granted us the occasion to be thine crown of creation. Thou hast impregnated us with thy sublime all encompassing elation.” We are filled to capacity with loving awareness and conscious appreciation.

We struggle with the overwhelming happiness we have been saturated with. We whine, pine, argue, meddle, secretly hide, conform and deny our innocent sacred sexual stirrings. In other words, we don’t know how to feel good without feeling bad that we do.

It sounds crazy but it’s true. We have a hard time when presented with sensual stirrings. We don’t really know how we are ‘supposed to act’. But, the ‘rumbling tumbling bumbling’ erotic movements continue to swirl within.

It was the Master Jesus who also said, “I will come to the door and knock. Whosoever hears me and lets me in, I will sup with him…” (Paraphrased) Is there a more pleasurable, meaningful and unforgettable occasion than sharing a meal with someone you love (except for sexual intimacy, of course)?

And, it's through the blending of the delectably alluring smell of the food in addition to its appealing presentation that we are attracted to and consume our choice of meals. So, too, is our sacred sensual sexual artistic lives consecrated and designed.

Take a deep erotic breath and enjoy the presence of the divine femininity within you. Invoke her, love her and cherish her sweet fragrance all the days of your mortal life.


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