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Burn Notice S5E10; Better Halves

Updated on September 1, 2011

Better Halves


Better Halves

This week Micheal and Fiona go undercover at a high end Venezuelan resort to capture a Biological Weapons Scientist and his wife. The spy trade puts quite a strain on Micheal's and Fiona's love life. It is safe to save it is killing their love life. Micheal and Fiona find similarities between their marks' relationship and their own. For Fiona it is obvious she couldn't be further away from for idea relationship with Micheal then when she is acting as his wife.

Micheal has to convince the Biological Weapons Scientist that he is recruiting him to lure them away from their Russian body guards. The Russian body guards are a little more persistent then Micheal and Fiona were prepared for. Micheal comes back for Fiona and there is a moment that is very reminiscent of the movie Mr. And Mrs. Smith.

Meanwhile Sam and Jessie track down Tavien. They set a trap to capture the man that framed Micheal, Tavien. Tavien requests a meeting with Micheal at Brickell Key Park at 6pm.

And Pierce is moving ever closer to buying the frame on Micheal.


This week was really good. I like that the audience and fans gained more insight into the relationship between Micheal and Fiona. And while it is funny it is also quite touching. You really get the feeling that girlfriends of spies really have to endrue a lot.

I can't say enough about how good this season has been from the writing to the performances. It has just been an exceptional season. And all of the cast have had satnd out performances thoughout this season. This weeks belongs to Gabrielle Anwar. Burn Notice has improved so much over the years it is like a fine wine better with time.

Next week is the Burn Notice Finale. September 8, 2011 at 9pm is the Season Finale of Burn Notice and we will finally find out who has been behind Micheal Weston's Burn Notice.


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