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At what age would you let your daughter date?

  1. LoriSoard profile image74
    LoriSoardposted 6 years ago

    At what age would you let your daughter date?

    We've always said 15 for group dating and 16 for dating, but then we changed it a bit with our youngest who can be boy crazy and told her we'll have to see. I let her go out if I am present and it is chaperoned, etc. Just wondering what everyone else does.

  2. Teresa Coppens profile image94
    Teresa Coppensposted 6 years ago

    I only have boys myself, but my son's girlfriend who is 16 is still only allowed group dating.  Myself, if the young lad has been met, I would agree with 16 for dating.

  3. Billrrrr profile image82
    Billrrrrposted 6 years ago

    I think the age is going down.  I had two girls and I think we let them date at 15.  My grand daughters have started the group dating thing at 14.  In my day, we started 'dancing school' at around 13.  It wasn't dating but it was like pre-dating.

  4. IntuitiveMind profile image59
    IntuitiveMindposted 6 years ago

    Not just her age but her level of maturity should be taken into consideration.  There is  lot of peer pressure these days for young girls to be sexually active.  Make sure you have a good level of communication going on so you can be there to help with the emotional roller coaster!

  5. razorblades profile image59
    razorbladesposted 6 years ago

    In my household it depends on who you ask.  Ask my husband and he will say NEVER!  However, as she's only 5, we'll let time answer that one for him.

    From my point I would have some mixed feelings, I think between 14 and 16 depending on her maturity levels, and on the boy of course.  I would have to meet him first!  I don't think this once has a black or white answer, I reckon there is a whole lot of grey in the middle, and a lot of influences!

  6. Ona Canady profile image59
    Ona Canadyposted 6 years ago

    I plan on letting my daughter date once she hits high school, she just can't be on the date alone. She needs to have and adult with her, she can pick the adult. Aunt, uncle, grandparent, or even a neighbor or teacher. At least until I am comfortable enough to let her go with out someone.

  7. xethonxq profile image64
    xethonxqposted 6 years ago

    I would say 15 is an okay age to start dating...as long as the dates are short and sweet and well supervised.

  8. duffsmom profile image59
    duffsmomposted 6 years ago

    Yes, it was that way for me as a teen.  15 group, 16 single dating.  My daughters did the same.  I think it is really a good idea to invite the young man on family outtings, picnics, amusement parks.  I really want to know who is dating my daughter and his family as well.

  9. K. Burns Darling profile image83
    K. Burns Darlingposted 6 years ago

    We have a 17 year old son, and two daughters, ages 16 and 4, we also participated in the raising of our now 23 year old niece;  Our standing rules on dating are that none of the kids are allowed to date prior to 16 years of age, at which time we will revisit the question, and a decision will be made based upon their level of maturity, responsibility, etc. (Happily, I can report that so far all of those who have reached sixteen, have actually been allowed to date.)  We allowed school dances and other chaperoned school or temple/church sponsored events when they reached eighth grade, and group dating (amusement parks, movies, etc.) when they were 14 or in ninth grade, with the stipulation that either we or other parents, (whom we knew or had at least met), were picking up and dropping off.